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AnimalsBreeds.com  is a website dedicated to animal lovers from all over the world. This website was created and maintained exclusively by animal lovers as well. We know the level of attachment that people can have to their pets, and these people have an endless curiosity to know about different types of breeds. If you think you are one of those people or if you're thinking of getting a pet of your choice, but are not sure which one to get, then this is the right website for you. We work regularly to update the information in our website to provide our readers with the best content. Since the inception of our website, the encyclopedia has been expanding with a supersonic speed to include 100s of breeds. We research and strive to offer the readers all the information they may wish to know in the most concise manner.

You will find every kind of information you may wish to know about a particular breed on our website. We add the details about the pets only after having extensive research on each breed. On our website, the animal lovers can find the personality traits, likes and dislikes of their favorite pets. There is an elaborate description of their history that includes their origin and other interesting details of their past. While buying or adopting a pet, people are often found interested in gathering enough knowledge about the pet’s health aspect. This knowledge helps to be prepared before actually bringing their loyal friends home. Keeping this in mind, we have included a health segment of each animal breed. Additionally, we include the temperament and personality attributes of these loyal friends of the men. This website has unique and diverse details about animal characteristics, favorite activities, tips to take care, feeding details, images, and other facts which makes this website rich in every possible way.

Author Profile :

The author of this website Fernandez has an extensive knowledge about all the animal breeds. He has spent years researching pets and their characteristics. His friends and relatives have always been approaching him to know more about their pets. This is when he realized that he can help a bigger audience by putting his knowledge on a platform, as broad as this website. He has been admired by many readers for his good work. His detailed insight on several aspects of pets has given this website an edge among its competitors.

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Mr.Sandeep & Ramu, the owners of Animalsbreeds.com thought of this idea when he tried to adopt a pet for his son. He was amazed to see that he had so many doubts and queries about each breed. He wanted to know if the pet will be a good addition to the family, as he did not wish to bring a pet into his house that is not trainable. The list of his concerns was endless. He searched on the internet and was not satisfied with the results. The websites had too much unnecessary information and most of those were devoid of basic important facts. Hence, he decided to break the curse and invested in this website. This website is a product of sheer dedication and hard work of the writer and the owner of the website.