Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of your privacy and this Privacy Page has been created for the purpose of informing you about what kind of personal information we collect from our users, how we store it and the various ways in which we share and use the collected personal information. Moreover, it will talk about the security measures we use to keep your information protected. It will also provide you detailed information about how you can access, edit, inquire or get your personal information deleted from our servers.

Before talking about the provisions of our Privacy Policy, we would like to mention that we reserve the right to make changes to the provisions that have been mentioned on this page later. The changes that we make will be brought into effect when they will be available here; and it is not our responsibility to inform any user about the changes through any means. Thus, we’d advise you to visit this page at regular intervals to ensure that you are well-aware about all the changes that we are going to make here. The section at the bottom of this page will let you know the date as to when the policy was last revised.

All your personal and non-personal information will be collected, shared or used as per the provisions of this Privacy Policy. If we ever need to treat your information in any other way, we will only do so after having your consent.

What do we mean by Personal Information?

The Personal Information that we collect on this website can be termed as the information that enables us to identify the users of our website individually. This can include your Name, Email Address etc.

What Do We Mean By Non-Personal Information?

The Non-Personal Information that we collect on this website can be termed as the information that does not allow us to identify users individually. This can include Age, Gender, Country of Residence, etc.
Why do we collect Personal and Non-Personal Information?

The Information That We Collect Through The Website Is Used For The Following Reasons:

  • For the purpose of communicating with the users individually
  • For resolving your queries
  • For the purpose of improving our website in order to provide you with a better browsing experience

There is no reason for any user to worry about the information that we collect through this website as it will only be collected as per the provisions stated here. Moreover, we collect only the information that we actually need for the above-mentioned purposes. If we ever need to collect any additional information from our website’s users, you will be informed about the same; and we will proceed only if we have your consent. Also, we would like to mention that the information stays with us until it is required by us to fulfill the objective for which we’d collected the information.

What If A User Does Not Want To Disclose His/Her Personal Information On This Website?

It is not compulsory for any user to disclose their personal information on our website. However, we’d like to mention that by not providing the personal information, there is a possibility that you might not be able to access all the parts of our website and might also not receive the enhanced browsing experience that we want our users to experience every single time they access our website. Moreover, without the personal information we might not be able to resolve your queries as well. Other than that, you can access and view most parts of our website without providing your personal information.

What Technologies Do We Use To Collect Information On Our Website?

We only make use of the technologies that most of the modern websites use to collect information. The most common one is the use of Cookies and DoubleClick DART Cookies. The following paragraphs will provide you with detailed information about this technology.

Usage of Cookies :

A ‘’Cookie’’ is a small file which contains a string of characters that are alphanumeric in nature. There are two types of cookies - Session Cookie and Persistent Cookie. Session cookie, as the name implies, is temporary and gets deleted from your system as soon as you close your browser. Persistent cookie gets into the hard drive of your computer through the web browser you use for accessing our website. It will remain in the cookie folder of your hard drive which is managed by the web browser even after you close your browser. Cookies contain information about your browsing pattern; and this information is used by us to provide you a customized browsing experience and also to keep a track on the traffic we receive on our website.

DoubleClick DART Cookies :

DoubleClick DART Cookies are persistent-type cookies and they are used by marketers to understand the effectiveness of their internet marketing campaigns or paid search listings. They are not harmful for your system in any way and do not have the ability to access any of the other information stored in your hard drive. When you visit our website for the first time, a small dialog box will ask if you’d like to ‘’Accept’’ or ‘’Decline’’ our cookie usage policy. It is not compulsory for every user to ‘’Accept’’ our cookie usage policy, but we will not be able to provide you a customized browsing experience if you ‘’Decline’’ our cookie policy. Moreover, if you ever change your mind after accepting or declining our cookie usage policy, you can make the necessary changes by visiting the Settings panel of your browser.

Is The Information Collected On This Website Shared With Anyone?

Yes, we do share the information that we collect on this website with our providers that carry out the services of processing the data, and also help and support us with the technical aspects of our website on our behalf. But they are only allowed to use your information for the purpose of carrying out their duties and only as per the provisions of this Privacy Policy. We will not share any of your information with any third party that might use it for their marketing campaigns.

Are There 3rd Party and Affiliate Links On The Website?

Yes, as you browse through different pages of our website you will see that there are multiple 3rd party and affiliate links on our website. We would like to mention that these links are only for your convenience and we are not associated with any of these links. Thus, clicking, visiting and using such websites will be the responsibility of the user. We cannot be held liable for any damage that you might suffer by visiting these links or using their services.

What Measures Do We Use To Protect Your Information?

All the standard technical, physical, administrative and contractual security layers are used to make sure that your information is completely safe from unauthorized disclosure, use, destruction or alteration.

In case of any queries regarding the provisions of this policy, feel free to drop an email at (email address) and we will get back to you in no time!

Revised on (28/2/2016)