Smaland Hound - Multifunctional Sporting Dog

Smaland Hound is the oldest scent hound and it belongs to Sweden. It is also the shortest Swedish hound breeds. This breed is known for hunting fox and hare. Apart from being a valiant hunter it makes excellent watch dog and bold guard dog.  The breed will catch attention wherever it goes because of its incredibly friendly behavior and gestures. It adores kids and relish times spent with them. They have the “pack mentality” which means they are intolerant towards other pets and cats. But one should take utmost care when the dog is with non-canine pets because of their high prey drive, they may consider them as their lunch. With strangers they are suspicious and wary. Their short coat is easy to groom. This breed is even rare in its own country. Every year only 60 puppies are registered by the kennel club.


The breed belongs to 16th century and it is native breed of Sweden. In Sweden number of wars was fought and every time soldiers return to their home country they used to bring variety of hound breeds with them. These hound breed were cross mated with native spitz type dogs and the resultant offspring became the foundation of modern Smaland. In initial period there was no consistency in their appearance. In 19th century breed standard was drawn up and only short tail was accepted by the club. The breed is rarely seen outside its country and is on the verge of extinction in its native country.


Smaland Hound Characteristics & Facts For Kids

  1. The dog belongs to Sweden and is a scent hound
  2. It is not a popular breed outside its native country
  3. Apart from hunting instincts, the protective instinct of the dog is incredible
  4. It is alert, fearless and fierce dog which makes outstanding watchdog
  5. The dog is super friendly with kids and tolerant towards other canine animals
  6. They are active and energetic dogs and definitely needs backyard to run and romp
  7. They are low maintenance dog, they shed moderately
  8. The breed can thrive in any weather
  9. Life expectancy of the breed is 12 to 15 years of age
  10. The dog should be essentially black and tan in color
  11. Weight of the dog should be 15–18 kg
  12. Height of the dog should be 46–54 cm
  13. Tail should be characteristically docked
  14. It is not a hypoallergenic breed


It is smallest scent hound in Sweden. The dog has a muscularly build up square body. Its skull should be lean and muzzle should be blunt with a definite stop. Ears are of medium sized and floppy in shape. Its nose is well-developed and should have wide nostril. Eyes should be almond shape and black in color. Its tail should be naturally docked. Overall expression on its face is keen and cute at the same time.

Size and Weight

Ideal height of male breed should be 46–54 cm and female should be 42–52 cm in height. Weight of the dog should be 15–18 kg irrespective of the gender.


Coat and Color

The dog has a weather resistant double coat. Its coat should be of medium length, straight and sleek. Topcoat should be coarse while undercoat should be soft. Its coat should tightly fit its body. Mostly the dog is available in black and tan color.


  1. Personality - The dog has a dynamic personality. It is sweet tempered and calm inside home and transforms its personality into a fierce and bold dog when on hunting spot. The dog is known to be the best four legged friend for kids. It takes utmost care when approaching toddlers. However you should teach your kids to respect dog’s privacy and not to interrupt while dog is eating and sleeping. The dog has a natural protective instinct and it will protect its territory and people from strangers and dreadful situation. If another dog is raised with this breed, it will treat that dog as part of the pack. Early socialization will ensure pleasing and trustworthy family companion.
  2. Behavior - It is a good mannered dog that craves for love and pampering of its owner. They are kind, gentle and therefore make outstanding family dogs. They can never be over friendly even with the guest introduced by master. This trait makes them remarkable guard dog. The dog has a high pitched, loud voice; however, It is a not an excessive vocal animal. It will bark every time; it sees strangers approaching the door. This makes it an excellent watch dog. It also excels in dog’s sports of agility, endurance and obedience skills.
  3. Activities required - It is a high spirited dog that thrives well in an apartment accompanied with yard. This breed is a machine of tireless energy. It loves to play with kids and other animals. It is highly recommended to give your dog at least an hour of vigorous physical exercise.
  4. Trainability - The dog is moderately easy to train because of its smart mind. It learns the trick easily. Training infused with treats will definitely help the master in making it learn almost anything. Not much effort has to be put in things which come naturally to the dog like hunting, guarding etc. Basic obedience lessons and early socialization will ensure a sweet and affectionate dog for lifetime.


Puppies below one year should be given four bowls of food. Once they cross 1 year, they should be given three bowls per day. After two years of age, two bowls of food is sufficient for them. Make sure that you offer quality food to your dog. Do not over feed your dog. Keep fresh water at its place.


The dog can live up to 12 to 15 years of age.


Health Issues

It is not a hypoallergenic dog. Being a purebred, they are immune to major health issues. Common health problems are- hip and elbow dysplasia, blindness, bloat, ear infection, and tooth decay etc.

Grooming and Caring

It is a low maintenance dog. It sheds moderately. You need to brush its coat once a week to keep it mats and debris free. Bath the dog only when required. Its ears are of floppy shape so it has high chance of getting affected by dirt. Clean its ear regularly with vet approved solution. Trim its nail if you hear clicking sound on the floor. Do not forget to brush its teeth in order maintain a healthy teeth and gums.


The dog thrives well in a house accompanied with yard. It can survive in any climate.

Pet Names

  1. Chiku
  2. Pikachu
  3. Hatim
  4. Gogo
  5. Rocky

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a lively and affectionate dog
  2. It is an outstanding hunter
  3. It is an alert watchdog and fearless guard dog
  4. It is a low maintenance dog.


  1. The dog is not fond of strangers
  2. It is dangerous for non-canine species
  3. The breed requires vigorous physical stimulation
  4. Not suitable for cozy apartments.