Ibizan Hound - An Elegant and Agile Breed

Ibizan hound, like other hound breeds is blessed with agility and hunting skills. The dog was used to hunt rabbit and other small animals on the island of Ibiza. The dog is a proficient in obedience, conformation, and tracking games. It also makes wonderful family companion. The dog has an aristocratic look. It has elongated facial structure which is narrow and resembles like that of the Egyptian jackal god. The dog is lovingly called beezer because of its charismatic personality. It is a perfect combination of speed, determination and stamina which makes it a strong hunter.

The dog has high prey drive and it will chase almost everything which is moving. They are not suitable for families with small animals. They are good with canine animals. If cat is raised with the dog, it makes strong bond with it. The dog is wary of strangers and protective of its family. This breed comes in two variation- short haired and wire haired. Both the types of coat are snap to groom. This dog will love you, care for you and will never show any sign of aggression. It will make your family complete.



It is a 5000 years old breed. This dog looked similar to the Egyptian jackal god Anubis. Studies have proved that this breed as well its cousin Pharaoh hound, have same ancestry. According to experts, this breed was taken to the Spanish island of Ibiza by Phoenicians. This breed was recognized by AKC in 1979.

Ibizan Hound Facts And Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to Ibiza
  2. It is a hunt dog and is proficient in small hunting games
  3. It can thrive in apartment only if its exercise needs are fulfilled
  4. They are remarkable jumpers. Fencing of the yard should be above 6 ft
  5. They are active breeds and needs great deal of exercise to be live happily
  6. Adult are prone to get affected by poor appetite
  7. They are sensitive to cold temperature. Make sure to provide it enough shelter and sweater in winter
  8. They are excellent with children however toddlers should be supervised when they are with the dog
  9. They are calm and composed inside home
  10. They have strong prey drive, not suitable for house with small animals
  11. Lifespan of this breed is 10-12 years
  12. They are 66–72 cm tall
  13. They weigh around 20–30 kg
  14. Dogs come in red, fawn, white and red-white color
  15. Average price of the puppy is $800 - $1200 USD
  16. The dogs shed negligibly and are easy to groom.


The dog is deer like in appearance. It has elegant and athletic body. It has elongated shaped head with well arched muscular neck. Eyes are small yet expressive and are amber color. Ears are large and triangular in shape. Its nose is of flesh color and convex shaped. The dog has strong jaw and teeth should meet in a scissor bite. The dog has sleek and slender body but is not as thin as other hounds. Its tail is long and carried low when the dog is at relaxed position.

Size and Weight

Average height of the male breed is 23.5 to 27.5 inches while female should be 22.5 to 26 inches tall. Male weight should be 50 pounds and female should weigh around 45 pounds.


Coat and Color

This breed comes in two variation of coat- short haired and wire-haired. Wire haired is 1 to 3 inches in length. Longer hairs can be found in thighs, neck, tail and back. The dog with wire hair also has moustaches on its face. Both the variations of coat are hard and frizzy in texture. The dog’s nose and eye rims are of flesh color. Dogs come in shades of red and white-red color.


  1. Personality - The dog was developed for hunting small animals. It has quick reflexes. Within a second it can reach up to its top speed. It can easily jump over 6 feet fence so it is mandatory to have a higher fenced yard. They make excellent family dog as they are not rambunctious, quiet and well-mannered inside home. The dog is naturally clean so you do not have to spend time in its grooming. Sometimes the dog may act clownish just to grab attention of owner. Give this breed as love and affection as you can give.
  2. Behavior - They have enormous energy and should be given opportunity to run and jump freely. After their exercise needs are fulfilled, they wouldn’t mind being a couch potato and sun bathing. The dogs have strong hunting drive towards small animals and cats. It loves to chase moving objects. With dogs of its own size, it loves to interact and play with them. They are kind towards children and love to play with them. With strangers they are wary. The dog also excels in obedience training. It loves to woo its owner and is a human oriented animal.
  3. Activities requirement - You don’t have to match the dog’s speed of running to provide it exercise. Just make sure that the dog runs in a closed fenced otherwise it will become threat to small animals and might go out of control from your hand. The dog should be given long walks. Minimum one hour exercise is a must for them.
  4. Trainability - They are easy to train but you have to be gentle in training in them. They are docile natured and rude or harsh behavior can affect them mentally. Socialization at an early age is required so that the dogs can accept new people. 


The dog should be fed two meals in a day instead of one large meal. Bones, meat, lamb, beef are the food item that should be given to this feed. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be fed to it so that your dog achieves optimum health.


The dog live up to 10-12 years.


Health Issues

It is not hypoallergenic breed. The dog is not likely to suffer from any heredity diseases. Other minor health issues related to these dogs are- retinal dysplasia, deafness, epilepsy, axonal dystrophy etc.


The dog is active so it needs spacious apartment to live happily. A high fenced yard is suitable for this breed. They are single coated animal so they do not do well in cold temperatures.


Both the variations of coats are easy to groom. Brush its coat two- three times weekly to keep hair in control and to maintain the coat’s sheen. As they are naturally clean dogs, so bath only when required. Brush its teeth twice or thrice a week, to keep it away from dental problems and bad breath. Trim its nail if it doesn’t get wears off naturally.

Pet Names

  1. Johnny
  2. Shera
  3. Bubbly
  4. Noddy
  5. Roxy

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. They are good mannered dogs and make wonderful family member
  2. The dog doesn’t bark a lot but it definitely makes excellent watchdog
  3. It is a naturally clean dog, grooming needs of the dog is infrequent.


  1. It is not hypoallergenic breed
  2. It is not a reliable guard dog
  3. The dog cannot thrive in cozy apartments.