Sunday, January 26, 2020

Komondor – Hungarian Sheepdog

The Komondor is a long sheepdog that hails from Hungary.  The dog is off white in color and has corded coat. The dog has...

Rajapalayam Dog – Indian Sighthound

The Rajapalayam dog hails from India particularly from Tamil Nadu state. The breed has been named after the district ‘‘Rajapalayam” where it originated. This...
Rafeiro do Alentejo

Rafeiro do Alentejo


English whippet (which is lightly shorter in size when compared to English Greyhound) is mainly used by peasants to catch rats from long back....

French Spaniel

Austrian Pinscher

Border Collie

Border Collie



Sloths are mammal species that live in the tropical regions of the Southern and Central America. They hang on to the branches of trees...

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Karelian Bear Dog

The Karelian Bear Dog is black and white color dog that hails from Florida. This breed is more than just a companion dog. It...