Bull Terrier

This dog was developed in the 18th century as fighting dog. Later on, he became a very good companion of man. The head of the dog is long and egg shaped. They are very powerful and exceedingly friendly. They like to think freely, play a lot, and get involved in several activities that occur to them. Besides, they are not fearful to rough games and they are very good with children and other members of the families.

History & Health :

  • History :

This dog was believed to have come from the English Terrier and Bulldog. This dog was developed for sporting activities due to his strength. He was bred to be tough, courageous, and athletic. Some sportsmen bred it to be set against other dogs during the sporting activities. Since bulldogs were too slow for fighting, they were crossbred to create terriers to make good fighting dogs. When bull fighting was banned, it remained as a fancied dog, which was very good dog for family companionship.

  • Health :

These dogs can live up to 12 years if they are kept healthy. They are prone to some heart disease hip dysplasia, congenital deafness, eye problem, and even cancer. Because these dogs are active and strong, they do not fall sick often but like any other animal, proper care should be given to them so that they can live healthy lives.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

The crossing of the bulldog and terrier produced a breed that was very strong, tenacious, and ready to fight. Nowadays, the current breed is loving, caring, loyal family dog. Since they love staying with people, they should be involved in all the activities of the family. These can be riding in car, a bike, strolling or even shopping with the family. When left alone for a long time he can be bored.

  • Activity Requirements :

Their exercises should be vigorous since they are very active dogs by nature. This dog appears as short and stocky but they are very strong dogs that require a lot of activities hence should not be kept in doors for a long time. Apparently, these dogs are very destructive and can create a big mess in the furniture and other flowerbeds. Moreover, some of them are just obsessed with chasing their tails.

  • Trainability :

Bull terrier is intelligent and has a mind of his own. When training them, you should start early since they will not respond to strong or harsh tones of discipline. The mode of training should be soft but assertive. Since training them can be a very long process, a lot of patient is often required.

  • Behavioral Traits :

They should be given enough activities to keep them busy when they are alone. They get emotional when they are separated from you for a long time that can even develop into anxiety. They truly posses their owners and can be aggressive when provoked at their territory. They only accommodate dogs of the opposite sex but can be aggressive toward the cats and dogs of the same sex.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

The appearance of the dog is strong and from the look, you might think that he is not approachable. However, he is a very loving dog who often makes a good companion of the human beings. They are strong or medium sized. Their heads are balanced and they appear muscular. Unlike other dogs, they have triangular shaped eyes.

  • Size & Weight :

These dogs can grow up to 22 inches at the shoulder while they always weigh averagely 35 to 75 pound. When fighting their masculinity is more important than their weight or even their height.

  • Coat & Color :

Their coats are shiny short and flat. These dogs come in two colors. The colored ones may come in brindle red, white, fawn, or any color.

  • Grooming :

Since they do not have a lot of hair, their grooming is easy. Bulldogs just require some little grooming of at least once or twice per week to keep them clean. When cleaning them, check the ear for any sign of, infection should be attended to since it can be fatal. If the dog does not naturally wear off his nails, nail clipping is very important and for hygienic purposes, the teeth should be brushed weekly.

  • Body Type :

The dog has a well-built body type that has a muscular appearance.

Characteristics :

  • He is not very good with kids
  • He is not friendly to cats either
  • He is only friendly to dogs of the opposite sex
  • He is a little bit hard to train
  • He do not have a lot of hair hence they do not shed more often
  • He is averagely good as watch dog
  • He is a very intelligent dog
  • He comes to be a very strong dog
  • He is a averagely popular
  • He easily adopts to any situation
  • They are not hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits :

The dog appears strong and muscular but they are very friendly in nature.

Care :

When they are at home, they need somebody to take good care of them. This is because they can eat anything that they come across. They need around 1 to 2 hour of exercise daily.

Feeding :

The food should be balanced with all the nutritious ingredients. This should be 5/8 to ¼ of quality dog food daily. It is very important to know that just like any other living organism they do not need the same amount of food. The food ration should be given depending on the size and the weight. Make sure you keep the dog in good shape by measuring the quantity of food, moreover feed him twice daily.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Bull Terrier :

Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Bull Terrier

Information and Facts of Bull Terrier :

  1. This dog is known as Bull Terrier
  2. The other names are Staffy, Staff, Stanford, Staffy bull
  3. This dog is originally from England
  4. The dog size is medium sized dogs
  5. He is Terrier dog breeds( AKU)
  6. His life span can go up to 14 years
  7. He is bold, fearless , reliable, affectionate and intelligent
  8. The height can go up to 38 cm for females and 41 cm for males
  9. The weight 16 kilograms for females and 17 kilograms for males
  10. The colors range from blue brindle, red, white and black and fawn
  11. Average puppy price is around $1200 to $ 1800 dollars
  12. This dog is loving to the people.