Dutch Smoushond

Dutch Smoushond is a small dog with long double cart that can be coarse. He fore legs has thin feathers unlike the hind legs, which do not have such. This dog is highly muscled and very strong. Moreover, he has a very strong jaw. Overall, the body of the dog is well rounded and close to the ground.

History & Health :

  • History :

This small breed of dog came from a dog variety called the Terrier type dog. It used to be kept in stables to kill rats and other rodents in Germany. This dog is very rare and not popular outside Netherlands where it originated. In the later years, he has been considered a companion of wealthier men. From his earlier origin, the dog is known for its hunting. Since he was very skilled in killing rats. Apparently, even with the trait they are hardly found in areas outside the Netherlands.

  • Health :

When purchasing the dog it is important to be aware that they are very emotional in nature. For them to interact with the family, they need a lot of attention and patients. Apart from emotions, they are not prone to other health conditions. He should be near his owners most of the times so as not to suffer from separation anxiety. The most common complications are, hard time giving birth for females, patellar luxation, and hip dysplasia among many more.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

These dogs are friendly and charming. They are very easy to relate with. They will not associate to strangers easily but family members. His adoptability is above average and they like to yap a lot however, do not allow ait to yap. In case the barking becomes too much, correct them through training so that they do not become a nuisance. Above all, he is very easy to train since they are always eager to please.

  • Activity Requirements :

This breed is untiring hence should be given long daily walks. He likes it when led by human hence you should play your role well. Apart from that, the dog should be enrolled in agility skills that he will really enjoy. Training this dog is less hectic since he is an outdoor dog.

  • Trainability :

This breed is very easy to train. Once you are used to him it becomes like a routine. You should make sure that the training process is as exciting as possible so that the dog does not get bored. During training, you should be caring, understanding, and very calm to achieve the goal. You should take the advantage of the sweet nature and intelligent mind.

  • Behavioral Traits :

This breed easily relates with humans .He has a very likable personality hence pleasant to stay around. They are very strong dogs who feel stressed quickly and are extremely emotional in nature.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

Dutch Smoushond may appear to be rough and poorly kept while in the actual sense he is a very well kept pet. The look is because of their rough hair. They have tiny dark eyes that are very alert making them used well as watchdogs in addition, their nose and eyelids are also dark in color. Their ears are upside down and triangular. Besides, they have very strong muscles.

  • Size & weight :

This dog can grow up to 18 inches in height and the an adult one can weigh up to 22 pounds

  • Coat & color :

The coat color may be straw yellow mostly, but others have variety of colors. However, this is not very common. Apart from the outside coat, the dog has sufficient undercoat.

  • Grooming :

The coat of this dog is shaggy and unkempt. The hair should be plucked by hand at least twice a year to make the dog look well kempt. If you are a first time breeder, you might not know this, but if you take the dog to professional groomer, you will learn to do this yourself. The excess hair from outside the ears and between the legs should be removed. The dog should be brushed twice weekly to take care of the oral hygiene of the dog.

  • Body Type :

The body type of the breed is small in nature. Though the chest is broad, it is not very much deep. Moreover, he has abroad and muscular back. The dog has very little tuck up.

Characteristics :

  • The breed is not very good with the kids
  • He is cat friendly
  • Although he can be friendly to other dogs he does not like getting provoked
  • The dog can be easily trained
  • He sheds fur more often, hence cleaning of the house of kennel should be regular to prevent the spread of diseases
  • The dog is very good as watch dog
  • He has a very sharp brain
  • He is averagely groomed
  • The dog is very popular due to his friendliness
  • He can easily adopt well
  • He is hypoallergenic
  • He is quite energetic and requires to do a lot of exercise

Tasty Tidbits :

The dog is very emotional and should be handled with a lot care.

Care :

The dog requires a cooler environment and regarded as an indoor dog. Apart from that they need a lot of exercise once in w while to keep, them healthy.

Feeding :

The dog meal should be a balance diet. Ensure that you do not over feed the dog or else they can gain weight. This dog variety should be given ½ a cup of nutritious food portion twice daily.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Dutch Smoushond :

Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond Dutch Smoushond

Information and Facts of Dutch Smoushond :

  1. This dog is called Dutch Smoushond
  2. Other names are Dutch ratter or Hollander Smoushond
  3. This breed originated from Netherlands
  4. He is a small dog breed type
  5. Breed group is Terrier dog breed type
  6. The life span of the breed ranges from 13 to 15 years
  7. He has a lively , passionate and active temperament
  8. His height is 14 to 16.5 inches
  9. He weighs 20 pounds but for some breeds, the weight can go up to 22.
  10. He has a yellow color with some shades of dark straw
  11. Puppy price is not known , but it can range from being expensive to affordable
  12. He sheds his coats