Kerry Blue Terrier

A Kerry blue terrier is an extraordinary dog. This breed of dog is full of life and vigor. These dogs are very energetic and like to enjoy playing all the time. This dog is the most favorite dog of the Americans. This is indeed a working dog and really works for us in an excellent way. In Ireland, the dog has been used for years for hunting. The dogs are very friendly and have an affectionate behavior with their owners. This dog is quite different from other dogs. This breed of dog is also recognized as Irish terrier.

Kerry Blue Terrier History and Health :

  • History - The birthplace of this dog is Ireland. Initially, the breed was mainly developed for hunting purposes. This breed was developed in the late 18th century in southwestern Ireland. This breed gained a huge favor in a short time. The exact origin of this breed is still not known. In 1922, this breed was recognized. This breed of dog is recognized as an excellent breed for companionship.
  • Health - A Kerry blue terrier lives for twelve to fifteen years on average. This breed has a number of health concerns. The major health concerns include infections in the ears, different eye problems, cataracts, hip dysplasia, and missing teeth. The dogs also suffer from sebaceous gland cysts, and dermal cysts. Cerebellar abiotrophy is also very common in this breed.

Kerry Blue Terrier Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality - A Kerry blue terrier is a very energetic dog. This breed really likes to play hard and long. These dogs take an active part in daily activities of a family. They love to be among the members of their family all the time. These dogs enjoy hikes and long walks. You can leave your children alone with the dogs. These dogs are also the excellent watch dogs.
  • Activity Requirements - These dogs are medium sized. For maintaining a good and balanced health, these dogs require daily mental and physical activity. If you are feeling bored, you can have a good time with a Kerry blue terrier. These dogs show a high level of activity if these are left opened in long yards. Open houses are the ideal places for this breed. It is possible to boost up the level of their activity with mental training.
  • Trainability - This breed of dog is an intelligent breed. It is not easy to train these dogs. These dogs have low learning and observing abilities due to which they take a long time in learning anything. An experienced trainer should train these dogs regularly and consistently. With lots of treats, it becomes easy to train this breed. The owner should take help from positive reinforcement for training a Kerry Blue Terrier. With a consistent training, you can make your dog obedient.
  • Behavioral Traits - These dogs love socialization. These dogs do not show an aggressive behavior with other dogs and human beings. If these are provoked, they can also show a hostile attitude. The trainer who is teaching these dogs should have an even temper. These do not harm the strangers and have a protective nature. The hunting and chasing instinct of these dogs is very strong.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance - This dog has a medium size with a sturdy body. The coat of these dogs is uneven and dense. The color of this breed is blue-gray. These dogs have a long and a balanced head. This breed of dog has its own style. These dogs are also very expressive. These have wide nostrils and a tail of moderate length.
  • Size and Weight - Height of a male Kerry blue terrier is 46-51 cm, and the height of a female Kerry blue terrier is 44-48 cm. The weight of a male and a female Kerry blue terrier is 15-18 Kg.
  • Coat & Color - These dogs have a soft coat that is curved. The body and the head of these dogs are completely covered with the coat. These dogs can be found in varying gray and blue colors.
  • Grooming - This breed has little shedding. For the best grooming of these dogs, you are just required to brush the coat of these dogs daily. Also, trim the coat frequently. There is also a need of checking the ears of the dogs as these dogs are more prone to ear infections.
  • Body Type - These dogs have a good and a muscular body. Their muscles are very strong and the legs are long.

Kerry Blue Terrier Characteristics :

  • A Kerry Blue Terrier is friendly with the children
  • These are not so friendly with cats.
  • This breed is also not so dog friendly.
  • This breed has low training requirements.
  • These Terrier dogs have low shedding.
  • These are the best watch dogs.
  • A Kerry blue terrier is also very intelligent.
  • A Kerry blue terrier needs low grooming.
  • These dogs are not so popular.
  • This breed of dog has a high adaptability.
  • Kerry blue terrier breed is hypoallergenic.

Tasty Tidbits :

These dogs have a strong awareness. These dogs also have a slight voice and give an unusual smell. These are brave and aggressive and can take part in all activities.

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Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier

Care :

These dogs are the best to be kept indoors. So, do not let them outdoors. Regular exercise is required for their good care.

Feeding :

For maintaining good heath, these dogs need meals twice a day. Give your dog a balanced and a healthy diet and clear water. Keep in mind the age and size of the size while feeding them.

Information And Facts of Kerry Blue Terrier :

  1. Full name of this dog is Kerry blue terrier.
  2. Other names are Irish Blue Terrier, and Kerry.
  3. Ireland is the origin of this breed.
  4. Kerry blue terrier is a medium size dog breed.
  5. Kerry blue terrier is Terrier dog breeds (AKC).
  6. Life span of this Kerry blue terrier dog breed is 13-15 years.
  7. Height of a male Kerry blue terrier is 18-20 inches, and the height of a female Kerry blue terrier is 17-19 inches.
  8. The weight of a male and a female dog is similar that is 15-18 kg.
  9. These dogs are found in many colors, i.e. blue, gray, silver, and blue and black.
  10. Average price of a puppy is $400-$1600.
  11. Kerry blue terrier is a good hunting breed.
  12. As compared to a human being, a Kerry blue terrier needs more sleep.