African Wild Dog

An African wild dog is also named as an African hound. It is also known as African painted dog. This is a medium size dog breed with long legs. These dogs like to roam in open places. This dog breed lives in groups. The dogs are distinguished from their patterned coats and erected ears. This medium size dog breed is recognized as the most social breed of the dogs. An African wild dog looks similar to hyena.

History and Health :

  • History :

These wild dogs are found in all over the Africa. Their population is declining each day. An African wild dog has been a part of Brookfield Zoo’s animal collection since 1985. The breed has existed over a million years ago. African Wild dog breed belongs to Canidae family. Now these dogs have distributed populations in various parts of the Africa. Lycaon Pictus is the scientific name of this breed meaning ‘Painted Wolf’. The name has been given due to their patterned and colored coat.

  • Health :

African wild dogs generally posses a good health. Their lives are usually affected by the severe environmental effects. The diseases that are commonly found in these dogs include canine distemper and rabies. Due to their interactions with domestic dogs, these diseases develop in these wild dogs.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

These dogs have a striking personality with strong social links with the other members of their family. They have a strong and a determined personality as for preying an animal they have to struggle much. These are also very hardworking dogs and are also very dutiful. They have an appealing personality due to their patterned and multi color coat.

  • Activity Requirements :

These wild dogs are very active and cooperative and have a strong eye sight. These have a strong stamina. They can run for miles. They run so fast and have an ability of maintaining their speed for miles. However, for higher activity levels, daily exercise is the major requirement.

  • Trainability :

African wild dogs have low training requirements. An owner will not have to spend much time in training the dog as these are very obedient and response quickly. Hunting in packs develops in the dogs a habit of reacting quickly only on one direction. They learn everything quickly.

  • Behavioral Traits :

These wild dogs develop strong social bonds. Being so social, this dog breed always hunts in groups. In every pack of wild dogs, there is a dominant male and a female and their offspring. There are around more than 10 dogs in a pack. These are not used as domestic dogs. The cooperation these dogs have is unbelievable. This breed of dog is also very obedient. Young ones follow the directions of dominant male and female in the pack while hunting. Adults love and protect the pups. Their social structure is similar to the social structure of the wolves.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

The dog has a bulky and a sturdy body. This cape hunting dog has a coat in multi colors. The tail of the dog has a tip in white color. Different dogs have different patterns of the coat. The color of muzzle is black. The raised ears of the dogs have a round shape. There are four toes on each foot instead of five toes. The female African dogs have skeletal dimensions with long muscular legs. The dogs have a wide skull and dense fur.

  • Size and Weight :

Shoulder height of an African wild dog is 78 cm. Height of these dogs is about 30-33 inches. Tail length is 12-16 inches, and the weight is around 37-79 lb.

  • Coat & Color :

An African wild dog is recognized as a tri-color dog. The dogs are mostly found in varying shades of black, brown, and yellow color. Different dogs also have a coat in varying patterns. They have a colored spotted coat. These dogs are very sharp and use their sight for hunting instead of using scent power.

  • Grooming :

The dogs have a thick coat. Therefore; they do not need much grooming. For good grooming, brushing once a week is enough. Regular exercise and long walks are also very important for their good grooming.

  • Body Type :

This breed of dog has a long and a thin body. Their thin legs have a muscular look with four toes on each foot. Male and female African Wild Dogs are of the same size. These wild dogs are considered as the largest size dogs in the Africa. They have large ears that help the dog in radiating the heat. They also have a broad and short muzzle. Due to their multi color coats, they adapt themselves to the changing environments. A new pattern of coat can be seen on the body of each dog.

Characteristics :

  • The dogs are not friendly with the kids.
  • These are fierce predators and are not good with the cats.
  • The dogs have a friendly relation with the other dogs of their family.
  • These dogs are very clever and can be trained easily.
  • This black dog breed has a moderate adaptability.
  • An African Wild Dog has low shedding.
  • These dogs are the best to be used as hunting dogs.
  • African wild dogs need less grooming.
  • This hunting dog breed is an intelligent dog breed.
  • These dogs are not so popular.
  • These are hypoallergenic and get ill due to interactions with domestic dogs.

Tasty Tidbits :

These dogs live and hunt in large groups. All the members in a pack have a strong social bond among them. Elder ones protect the younger dogs. The dogs run very fast and have a twisting gate.

Care :

The dogs are not used as domestic dogs. These live in zoo in the form of packs. Due to strong social interaction, elder ones care the young ones. However; for good care, proper diet and regular walks are very important.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of African Wild Dog :

African Wild Dog African Wild Dog African Wild Dog African Wild Dog African Wild Dog African Wild Dog

Feeding :

These dogs are carnivores. They live by predating. These also hunt large animals. For meeting their feeding requirements, they prey distinct species of Antelope, large sized mammals, i.e. Warthogs, lizards, birds, and different instinct. These dogs also make large sized herbivores their prey. They prey any animal on which they feed on quickly, but they have to chase for miles to catch the prey.

Information And Facts of African Wild Dog :

  1. Full scientific name is Lycaon Pictus.
  2. Other Names are African hound, paint hunting dog, painted dog, and Three-color jackal.
  3. Origin of this dog breed is Africa.
  4. It is a medium size dog breed.
  5. It is a hunting dog breed.
  6. Life span of this dog breed is 10 to 12 years.
  7. Height of an African Wild dog is 75 cm.
  8. Weight of an African Wild Dog is 18-34 Kg.
  9. An African wild dog is found in black, yellow, and brown colors.
  10. The average puppy price is $500-$600.
  11. It is a type of black dog breeds.
  12. This dog breed is placed in Mammalian class.