Boykin Spaniel - Pictures, Characteristics, Facts, Information

This is a quiet, pleasing, and an obedient breed that was developed in the USA for hunting especially. These dogs are kept for the extraordinary hunting abilities they have. A Boykin Spaniel is a pleasing and an active dog.

History and Health :

  • History - This breed was developed in 1900s. These medium sized dogs were developed by the hunters of south California. This dog was considered as an excellent hunter previously. A Boykin Spaniel has perfect hunting abilities. The real developer of this dog breed is L. Boykin. This dog breed was recognized in 2009.
  • Health - These dogs do not have any serious health issues. The most common diseases that are found in this breed are elbow and hip dysplasia. These dogs also suffer from heart problems. Skin allergies and various eye problems are also quite common. Other minor diseases include hypothyroidism, and luxating patellas.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality - This breed of dog is recognized for the dual personality. These dogs are excellent hunters and also the best companions. These make us happy. Thus, a Boykin Spaniel is perfect to be kept at home as a pet. These dogs are very kind and loyal. These are also very obedient. This breed is a very intelligent and a smart breed. These dogs have a distinctive smell of sensing. These also have extraordinary swimming skills.
  • Activity Requirements - For a high level of activity, these dogs need a regular activity. This breed is a high energy breed and thus, it is very active. This breed is a working breed. For maintaining a good health, these dogs need daily exercise. These dogs are always willing to take part in different activities.
  • Trainability - These dogs are very smart and intelligent. You can easily train this breed. A trainer will have to tell any point once, and they have an ability to learn and observe everything quickly.
  • Behavioral Traits - This breed is a friendly and a working breed. These dogs like the company of the human beings. These show a friendly attitude with other animals and the children. These dogs also have a great lust for hunting.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance - This is a medium sized dog. This breed is recognized for well-balanced physique. These dogs show alert expressions. The eyes of the dogs have an oval shape and are brown in color. The ears are not very long. The nostrils of these dogs have a flared shape and are dark in color. This breed of dog also has padded feet and non-curvy legs. The length of the legs is medium. These dogs have a dense coat.
  • Size and Weight - The height of a male Boykin Spaniel is 39-46 cm, and the height of a female Boykin Spaniel is 36-42 cm. The weight of a male and female Boykin Spaniel is 25-40 pounds.
  • Coat & Color - The coat of this breed is of different types. Some dogs have a flat coat. Some dogs have a curved coat. The length of the coat is medium. There is also light feathering on the body and especially on the legs of the dogs. These dogs can be found in dark brown, chocolate brown and rich liver colors. Small white spots on the legs and the chest can also be seen sometimes.
  • Grooming - This dog breed has not special grooming requirements. The only requirement is regular brushing of the coat. Avoid coat matting and have an excellent grooming of your dog.
  • Body Type - This breed has a sturdy body. The body of these dogs is not too compact. Well developed chest is the distinctive body characteristic of this breed. These dogs have a straight and a leveled back. Their ribs have an oval shape. The lion has a curved shape.

Boykin Spaniel Characteristics :

  • These dogs are kids friendly.
  • This breed of dog is a cat friendly breed.
  • This dog breed is also a dog friendly breed.
  • These dogs have minimum training requirements.
  • These dogs have normal shedding.
  • It is fine to use these dogs as watch dogs.
  • These are not very intelligent.
  • These dogs need low grooming.
  • This dog breed is not very popular.
  • These dogs have high adaptability.
  • These dogs are not hypoallergenic.

Tasty Tidbits :

These dogs have a balanced drive. Movement of their legs changes with respect to the speed. This is an active and a joyous breed. These dogs have a free and an effortless gait.

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Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel Boykin Spaniel

Care :

This breed has average shedding. For good health of their coat, you are required to brush the coat daily. Give your dog frequent baths. After bathing, make sure that you have dried the dog completely. These dogs are prone to eye and ear infections. Therefore, you should properly clean eyes and the ears of the dogs regularly. Do not forget to trim the hair. Also keep the nails clean. The dirt accumulates in long ears of the dogs. So, regular cleaning is very important.

Feeding :

These dogs are very energetic dogs. This breed requires daily exercise. Also, long walks are very important for their good health. Avoid letting your dog in an open area. Also, give them healthy and balanced meals. Avoid overfeeding as it causes obesity and many health disorders.

Information And Facts of Boykin Spaniel :

  1. Full name of this dog breed is Boykin Spaniel.
  2. Other names are Boykin, Swamp Poodle, and little brown dog.
  3. The origin of this dog breed is USA.
  4. It is a medium size dog breed.
  5. It is a sporting dog breed (AKC).
  6. The life span of this breed is 14-16 years.
  7. The height of a male Boykin Spaniel is 16-18 inches, and the height of a female Boykin Spaniel is 14-16 inches.
  8. The weight of a male Boykin Spaniel is 13.6-18.1 Kg, and the weight of a female Boykin Spaniel is 11.3-15.9 Kg.
  9. These dogs are found in brown and dark chocolate colors.
  10. The average price of a puppy is $800 to $900.
  11. These dogs have more daily sleep time as compared to the human beings.
  12. It is an active hunting breed.