Chinese Crested

The Chinese dog was reared to be a companion that does not act. The dog can lie on bed for hours on end without lifting a tail. These dogs lack any desire to go and run outside like any other dogs of their nature. However, they have very strong limps and can jump over very high fences. Once it is devoted to you, it will constantly follow you wherever you go.

History & Health :

  • History :

This dog evolved from Africa and Mexico but found himself in china. During the sailing in the high seas, they accompanied the Chinese sailors to china. By the 19th century, European artists started doing some paintings depicting the Chinese dogs. The reason the Chinese bred them is because they were excellent in rattling. However, at every port that they reached, the sailors traded them. In America, the first breed was seen in 1974.

  • Health :

Chinese crested dogs are healthy but to be on the safe side it is advisable to be well informed about the diseases so that once they experience such ailments, you can take them for handle them. If you get the health clearance when buying the dog it will definitely show that that the dog has tested for any common diseases. Otherwise, the main diseases, which are likely to attack them, are legg perthes diseases, dental issues, progressive retinal atrophy, among others.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

These dogs are very alert and happy. They like the company of people so much and once they adore you, they will not want to part from you. In addition, they can shower you with kisses and snuggle on your lap the whole day. It s very difficult for Chinese Crested to accept strangers. Nevertheless, once they love you they will love you completely. In terms of companionship, this dog makes the best companion to man. The mistake you can make is to underrate their intelligence since they are just as intelligent as other dogs.

  • Activity Requirements :

Chinese Crested likes slow and short walks. They can stay with you in an apartments and 1 walk will do them good. Even though they are not destructive, keeping the calm requires daily exercise. You should be cautious not to overfeed them and under exercise them, as this is likely to make them obese. Remember that just as any other dog, they require daily walks to keep them healthy.

  • Trainability :

Treating these dogs require a lot of patients, reinforcements, and positive support. If you treat them harshly, they will develop bad attitude.

  • Behavioral Traits :

Since the breed does not like children, He should not be kept where children stay. They are very jealous that is why they do not require the company of children. Moreover, kids always want to tease and play with hence, they are not very patient with them. Just like most dogs, they bark at everything, and socialization is crucial. If left alone for long, they can cry and bark excessively due to stress.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

This dog is small, unique and comes in different varieties. There is the hairless version and the one with no hair. The one with a lot of hair requires much grooming, for the hair to be kempt well. The outward appearance of the head is wedge-shaped with large ears. Moreover, the feet looking like the feet of rabbit’s. Moreover, theses dogs use their long toes to grasp objects.

  • Size & Weight :

The general size of Chinese dog is between 11 to 13 inches high. However, some varieties are slightly smaller.

  • Coat & Color :

This dog’s coat comes in black, cream, blue, tricolor and apricot.

  • Grooming :

The ones with a lot of hair should be brushed regularly. In addition, bathing with a shampoo is ideal. This is because they are prone to skin diseases. While bathing, check for any skin related infection. Apart from brushing, good oral hygiene is definitely required.

  • Body Type :

The dog has a rectangular body. The top of the body is leveled then slopes gently. They have a broad deep chest. Moreover, the breastbone is very prominent. Additionally, these dogs have very well developed ribs.

Characteristics :

  • These dogs are averagely good with the kids
  • They are moderately friendly to cats
  • They are averagely friendly to other dogs since they are very jealous
  • They can easily be trained
  • They do not easily shed
  • They are not good as watch dogs
  • They have some intelligence but not so much
  • They are averagely groomed
  • They are not very popular to people or dog rears
  • They can adapt easily depending on the circumstances
  • They are hypoallergenic

Tasty bits :

These dogs are very jealous and would not like their love be shared.

Care :

Since the dog is not very good at jogging, it needs minimal exercise. Before you take them out for jogging, mental stimulation is very important. If you go to the market, you can look for toys and puzzles that are specifically designed for dogs. Apart from all these, they need socialization hence it is prudent to look for a place that provides some puppy classes.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Chinese Crested Dog :

Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested Chinese Crested

Feeding :

A balance diet is recommended for good the puppy. This food should be ¼ to 1 cup of quality dry food given twice daily would be adequate for the puppy. When these dogs are fed well, they often grow into strong healthy dogs.

Information and Facts Chinese Crested :

  1. The dog’s full name is Chinese Crested
  2. This dog is also called Crested and Puff
  3. This dog originated from Africa , Mexico and China
  4. His size type is small dogs breed
  5. The dogs breed group is termed as the Toy breeds
  6. His life spans for between 12 to 14 years
  7. The dog’s temperament can be described as happy , playful, affectionate, alert and sweet tempered
  8. Females are 9 to 11 inches tall
  9. males are 11 to 13 ,inches tall
  10. when it comes to weight, the females are 2.3 to 5 pounds while the males are 2.4 to 5.4
  11. The dog’s colors are black, cream, blue, tricolor and apricot
  12. The average puppy price is $800-$900