It is true to say that Pomeranians are relatively little/small dogs but with personalities of “big dogs.” These dogs are fun, friendly, and lively. Animated, commanding, cocky, and entertaining, this dog is unquestionably a great companion. The dog can turn out to be slightly defensive. They tend to be highly attached to their owners. They develop protectiveness, which makes them very suspicious to strangers. Ultimately, this makes them loyal and true companions. It makes an excellent watchdog. Although small, these dogs can really bark whenever a stranger approaches your residence.

History and Health :

  • History :

The Pomeranian dog derived its name from the Pomerania region. This region is currently the region of Poland and Germany. Here, it was developed from ancient Spitz breeds. The original dogs were larger and weighed close to 30 pounds. They labored as sheep herders. Queen Victoria, Mozart, Emile Zola, and Marie Antoinette are some of the big figures that owned these dogs. In the year 1870, the England’s Kennel Club recognized the dogs as a breed. In the year 1888, Queen Victoria started breeding and showing these dogs. She was the one who began breeding the dogs down in size thus making the breed quite popular throughout England. The AKC first recognized the dog in the year 1888.

  • Health :

When it comes to the health of these dogs, it is important to note that they are prone to some conditions. Some of these are kneecap (Dislocated patella), tooth decay, skin irritations, eye infections, heart problems and slipped stifle. To ensure their bones remain strong, feed your Pomeranian with dry dog food and/or crunchy milk bones on a daily basis. Of great importance to note is that newborn Pom puppies are fragile and tiny. In fact, you can easily hold three newborns in one of your hand’s palm. Consequently, handling them with care is paramount. During old age, expect your dog to be molted with a number of bald spots.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

In terms of personality, this dog is bold and busy. He is also very vivacious. The dog makes excellent use of every day. It is self-confident, inquisitive, and playful. He is very attentive. Most of the times, you will find the dog in the best mood for a game or adventure. Normally, he is shy around strangers. Some may bark constantly for long hours. He can also be unfriendly to other dogs.

  • Activity Requirements :

The fact that he likes games calls for plenty of playing time with him. You can also take him for walks and runs in the park. Trick training is one of the activities that both you and your dog will definitely enjoy. He loves to be the focus of attention so make sure you give him much attention.

  • Trainability :

The dog is easy to train although at time he can be very stubborn and difficult to train.

  • Behavioral Traits :

The dog is well mannered.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

In terms of appearance, these dogs are small, sturdy, and compact.

  • Size and Weight :

Pomeranians measure roughly seven to twelve inches and weigh three to seven pounds.

  • Coat & Color :

His coat is thick, soft with fluffy hair. The hair is straight, long, and shiny. You can him in a variety of colors such as Grey-shaded, Orange, white, Brown, Tan and Black.

  • Grooming :

As you groom the dog, check for any infection sign. You should also be on the lookout for rashes or sores. Some signs of infections include tenderness, redness, and inflammation on the eyes, mouth, nose, or ears. Ensure the ears small good, and ears are clear.

  • Body Type :

The body is rounded and well ribbed. His backline is short and level. The dog has a fairly deep chest, which is not wide. Croup and loin are broad and short.

Characteristics :

  • The do is not that good with kids
  • He is the best when it comes to being cat friendly
  • He is above average in being dog friendly
  • The dog is above average in terms of trainability
  • He does not shed much
  • He is not a good watchdog
  • This dog is above average when it comes to being intelligent
  • The dog is very popular
  • He is easy to adapt to new environment
  • The dog is not good in terms of grooming
  • It is a NO in regards to hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits :

Puppy food comes in handy to this dog. He likes any dog food especially canned.

Care :

These dogs are normally very active indoors. They are excellent choices for any apartment dweller. They are also excellent options for individuals with fenced yards. They are moderate when it comes to most activities. They enjoy short daily walks and/or play times. They are sensitive to heat. Note that these dogs get bored easily so have plenty of toys. Rotate them frequently so that the dog always has something new. The best toys for the dog are those that challenge them.

Feeding :

The recommended daily food intake for the Pomeranian is a quarter to half high quality food every day. The meal ought to be divided into two meals. The size, metabolism, activity level, build, and age of your dog determine hugely how much your dog will eat. Active dogs need high food intake. Ensure you buy nothing short of high quality food. The better the quality of the food, the healthier your dog will become.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Pomeranian :

Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian

Information and Facts of Pomeranian :

  1. Pomeranian is the dog’s full name
  2. Other names are Pompom, Zwers, Pom, Spitz enamo, Spitz nain, Zwergspitz and Deutsche Spitze
  3. Poland and Germany are the country of origin
  4. Tiny and small dog breeds are the size type
  5. Toy dog breeds (AKC) are the Breeding group
  6. The dog has a lifespan of 12-16 years
  7. In terms of temperament, this dog is extroverted, friendly, sociable, intelligent, playful and active
  8. The dog is 8-12 inches in terms of height
  9. It weighs approximately 3-7 pounds
  10. It comes in a variety of colors such as Grey-shaded, Orange, white, Brown, Tan and Black
  11. The average puppy price is $600-$800 USD
  12. The dog is compact and short.