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The existence of this dog from centuries can be proved through portraits and drawings belonged to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This dog is used for multipurpose and some of the activities which includes hunting, guarding and a gun dog. Hunters used to take this dog with them so that it can collect the dead birds and also help in giving hints to the breeder during hunting.

History and Health :

  • History - Drentsche Patrijshond was developed during the sixteenth century and evolved from Spioenen breed which came to Netherlands from France. This dog is called as partridge dog in Netherlands. This dog is predominant during the seventeenth and eighteenth century as this breed is used to pull small carts. This breed was first recognized in 1943 in Netherlands. In 2010, AKC recognized this as a separate breed and from 2011 onwards AKC approved dog agility tests and sport event tests are being conducted.
  • Health - Common health problems that is suffered by this breed includes but not limited to PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), stomatocytosis etc. Gastric problems and ear infections are quite common in this breed and one must take extreme care while taking care of this breed.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality - It is quite, calm and energetic. It is known for its unique aggressive nature which needs to be controlled at early stages of life only.
  • Activity Requirements - Brisk walk with several turns is an ideal exercise for this dog and one need to do this for a minimum of half an hour so that it can meet the regular exercise requirements. If sufficient exercise is not provided, this dog can suffer from obesity and other digestive related problems.
  • Trainability - This dog is easy to train but one needs to start the training procedure at early stages (six to eight months) so that the dog will start enjoying human company. It is a quick learner but one must have some experience or (s)he must do some research in training so that it can be trained in correct procedure.
  • Behavioral Traits - Known for its hunting skill, the behavior of this dog truly represents hunting instinct. It can hunt birds and small mammals like cat, fox, hare etc. Though it appears relaxed at home, in the hunting field it is full of energy and aggressiveness.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance - Though it appears big in size, it is considered as medium sized dog only. The body appearance resembles the rectangular shape with more length than its height. The markings that appear are long and extended till tail.
  • Size and Weight - The size and weight requirements are similar for male to female dogs. Dogs belong to this breed usually weigh between 15-30kgs and grow in the range of 22-25 inches (55 to 63cms).
  • Coat & Color - Predominantly white colored ones with either brown or white color markings are popular whereas the tricolored versions are in great demand these days. Black is another most preferred color. The coat of this breed is neither too long nor too short but of medium size though it appears as long haired coat because of feathers, longer hair near chest area etc.
  • Grooming - No specific grooming is necessary but all the styles that are suitable for spaniel and setter dogs matches perfectly for this breed also. Other activities like combing can be done at home also.
  • Body Type - The chest area is little tucked up and the head area is large and is in oval shape. Eyes are sharp, dark and round. Ears are long and are generally folded and covered with hair.

Drentse Patrijshond Characteristics :

  • This dog is known for its witty hunting techniques.
  • From the hunting dog status, it is promoted as multipurpose dog because of its unique abilities.
  • It is energetic though it appears lazy like potato couch.
  • It is hard to sustain in hot weather climates and extreme cold conditions. Moderate temperatures all throughout the year are best of this dog.
  • Though it can live in apartment and other congested areas, an ideal place for it is a small back yard.
  • It can hunt animals in marshy areas also which is rare quality for hunting dogs.
  • Though it originally belongs to Netherlands, it is more popular outside Netherlands.
  • With a background of more than 300 years, it hunts really well.
  • More than 5000 breeders are registered with the official Drentse Patrijshond club that originally belonged to Netherlands.

Tasty Tidbits :


Tough it appears like a potato couch indoor; it really needs lot of exercises and this breed face health problems if it is not sufficiently exercised.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Drentse Patrijshond :

Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond Drentse Patrijshond


Care :

No special care is needed for this dog. Brushing and bathing must be done with extra care and special attention is given for ears which are prone to infections more. Taking your dog to the parlor once in six months can effectively increase its style and improves the immunity also. Dry cleaning can also be performed if that is economically acceptable for you.

Feeding :

Though it is of medium size, the feeding requirements of this dog are very similar to that of small dogs. One and half to two cups of quality food is sufficient and remember to keep a bowl which is full of water always near to your pet’s location. If the exercise and work is heavy then you can feed one quarter or half cup more.

Information And Facts of Drentse Patrijshond :

  • The original name of this dog is Drentse Patrijshond.
  • It is also called as Dutch partridge dog, Patrijshond and Drent in some regions.
  • It originally belongs to Netherlands.
  • It is of medium size type breed.
  • The average lifespan of this breed is in the range of 11-12 years.
  • It is classified as Gundog as per the UKC standards.
  • It is intelligent, fearless, obedient, faithful and loyal.
  • The maximum height is 25 inches in case of males.
  • In case of females, the maximum height is 23 inches.
  • It generally weighs in the range of 15-30 kgs.
  • It is generally available in Brown & White, Orange & White and the tricolored versions are rarely available.
  • One needs to have a minimum of $750 to have this puppy.