King Shepherd - Muscular and Robust Dog

The King Shepherd is a large, handsome looking breed. Technically it is a recently developed breed and a mixed between German shepherd and several other breeds. The dog is also known by names Giant German Shepherd and the King Size German Shepherd. It exhibits great straight and endurance.

Currently it is not recognize by any breed club but it has a shining future. The impressing and possessing look of the dog can make anyone fall for it. The dog thrives in spacious environment and house with an adequate sized backyard. This breed has two variations- Medium Haired King German Shepherd which looks like enlarged version of GSD and Long Haired King German Shepherd which resembles to Belgian Shepherd.


The exercise needs of the dog are moderate and it is an easy going breed having gentle nature. They are not overly energetic or aggressive. With proper training and lessons they make wonderful family dog. It also makes trustworthy guardian of the family.


The King Shepherd dog was developed by two American breeders- Shelly Watts-Cross, and David Turkheimer. The breed is a result of mixing Shiloh Shepherds which is a mix of American/European German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes, German shepherd of American line and Great Pyrenees. The resultant breed possesses superior workability. It can work as guard dog, search and rescue dog, police dog, watch dog and companion dog. They also intended to have a physically stronger breed that is free of health issues faced by German shepherd like hip dysplasia. 

King Shepherd Facts & Characteristics

  1. The breed was developed by two American breeders and it is a working category dog
  2. It is a courageous, intelligent, loving and gentle breed
  3. Height of the dog is 64-74 cm
  4. It weighs around 41-69 kg
  5. Average cost of the dog is $1500 - $2500 USD
  6. The dog comes in black and tan, black, sable, white, and cream color
  7. The dog is suitable for spacious house accompanied with average sized yard
  8. They are known to be playful, cheerful and patient around kids
  9. The dog is intelligent and craves for challenging activities. Their physical activities needs should be fulfilled on daily basis else they will become restless and destructive
  10. They shed averagely. The dog has a weather resistant coat
  11. It is not hypoallergenic breed
  12. Its coat requires infrequent grooming
  13. They are not suitable breed for first time dog owner
  14. They are highly trainable but you need to be patient and consistent in training them
  15. Lifespan of this breed is 10 – 11 years.


The dog has a muscular, robust and solidly built up body. They are longer than tall. They have proportionate bodily feature with no exaggeration of any body parts. Their forehead is slightly dome shaped and cheeks are not full. The dogs have medium sized erected ears which stand atop its head. Their eyes are large, almond shaped and expressive. The color of the eyes can be golden brown to dark brown. They have thickly featured long tail which is slightly curved upwards. The dog gives the impression of intelligent, faithfulness and vigilant.


Size and Weight

Average height of the male breed is 69 – 81 cm and female’s height is 64 – 71 cm. Male breed weighs around 41 – 68 kg and female breed weighs around 34 – 50 kg.

Coat and Color

They have two variations of coat- coarse-haired and longhaired. Both the variations are double coated. Coarse-haired has straight hair and long-haired have light and way hair. Dogs coat is weather and water repellent. Dogs come in black and tan, black, sable, white, and cream color. Undercoat is usually light colored than topcoat.


  1. Personality - The dog is gaining popularity because of its good looks and is high working desire. The dog may look daunting but it has a gentle and sweet heart. It is affectionate with its family member and form close bonds.  Its attachment towards family, natural protective instincts towards them and unwavering loyalty makes it one of the best family dogs. The dog is hostile to strangers but not aggressive. They have a mild nature and can tolerate rough play of small children. They make best four legged playmate to elder children.
  2. Behavior - They have a typical behavior of herding breed. They are intelligent and smart with a stable temperament. They co-exist peacefully with other animals too.  You can also use the dog for personal protection. They are great combination of strength, courage and endurance. King Shepherd also excels in obedience and house training. They even make dedicated working dogs, as they can be used in police work and as therapy dogs.
  3. Activities requirement - The king shepherd are large working dogs. They need challenging activities on daily basis to stimulate their mind. This breed should be given chance to run off leash. When the dog is inside home, you can occupy its mind by giving toys to play. Provide combination games and exercises to the dogs where it can use its mind and physical strength. You can also take your dog on running, jogging, cycling and hiking.
  4. Trainability - They are highly trainable and are eager to please humans. House training the dog and providing it obedience training is easy. Being intelligent, they learn skills quickly and willingly. Use a positive, consistent, and firm approach while training them. It is important to start training from puppyhood so that they can get accustom to rules and make wonderful family dogs.


This breed is an energetic dog that required power packed diet. It is important to fulfill its dietary if you want the dog to be healthy. They require higher amount of protein content in their diet. Its diet should essentially contain 22% protein. The other requirement of its diet is fat which makes the food tasty. But care should be taken because too much fat content in its diet can make it obese and less amount of fat in its diet can give birth to various skin diseases. 5 to 8% fat is recommended for it.



The dog lives up to 10 to 11 years.

Health issues

They are not hypoallergenic breed. They are hearty and healthy dogs. Minor health issues faced by them are- hypothyroidism, joint dysplasia, eye issues and bloat.


The dogs sheds averagely and requires little grooming. Daily combing is advisable to keep the coat healthy and dead hair in control. Weekly check its ear for any infection or wax buildup. Clean its ear with vet approved solution and cotton balls. Bath it only when it is absolutely necessary. Excessive bathing can cause the natural oil found in its coat to deplete. Trim its nail if it has become long. Brush its teeth daily to avoid oral health problem and to keep bad smell from its mouth at bay.


The dog can thrive in any climate. They need an average sized yard to live happily.

Pet Names

  1. Jenny
  2. Apollo
  3. Ace
  4. Augustus
  5. June

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. They make wonderful family dogs as they are even tempered
  2. The dog is suitable for kids of every age. It is also animal friendly
  3. It also provides great sense of security to family members.


  1. The dog is not suitable for cozy apartment because of its size
  2. They need active owner
  3. It is not hypoallergenic.