East Siberian Laika

These are part of a group of dogs that were originally bred in Russia. The dog can be characterized with a long and white fur on the body. They have some pointed ears and curving tail. Since the dog is very active, he needs a lot space to enjoy his stay with humans. He is not an apartment dog.

History & Health :

  • History :

As stated, the breed originated from Russia. It is believed that the ancestors of these dogs mated with wolves to give birth to these breeds. After that, many dogs of this breed dominated Russia. Since he is a primitive a dog, most of his characters are those of the wild dog. He has taken much from the wolves’ in terms of behavior and other characteristics. They have almost the same hunting techniques but you will find that every breed brings with it his own hunting skills.

  • Health :

Generally, they are very healthy dogs but can suffer common dog diseases at any given time. Not all breeds will suffer these ailments but these can occur occasionally. The most common being corneal dystrophy, cataracts, progressive corneal atrophy. To avoid any complicated heath situations with the dog in future it is important to get the health clearance from both the dog parents.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

When it comes to personality, these are pack dogs hence the owner should be a clear pack leader. Once the owner does this, training the dog will be easy. Once in awhile, he will test your patience by trying to lead the pack. When this happens, try to assert yourself with a lot of firmness but not painfull punishement as this might drive them away from you. Moreover, train them to be eating at appropriate time hence he will learn to be protector of food.

  • Activity Requirements :

These dogs make excellent jogging companions and they should be exercised for1 hour daily. Avoid jogging in hot weather as this might really affect them. Training is must for this dogs hence the need for good investment of the same.

  • Trainability :

One you have understood them, they can easily be trained. When training them you should apply moderate effort. Try not to apply a lot of force this might really affect this breed.

  • Behavioral Traits :

This is the most quiet of all the breeds of this nature. They can make very good watchdogs, inspite of being less aggressive towards humans. When walking with them the breeders tend to have a peace of mind since the dog is alert and can sense any danger affecting that is lurking around.

Appearance and grooming :

  • Appearance :

This is a very large strong dog among the Russian breeds dogs. The males can grow up to 24 inches while the females can be 23 inches. A ruff coat surrounds the head of the dog the hair on the tail of the dog is always longer than the hair at the rest of the body of the dog. It comes in variety off coat colors which can be black, white, black, and white, tan, fawn and some shades of brown.

  • Size & Weight :

This is medium sized breed. He dog weighs around 70 pounds when fully grown. According to weight, the females should be one pound lower than the weight of the males.

  • Coat Color :

They have medium length coats that are mostly brown in color. The coat of the dog forms some a collar in the neck that appears to be like a mane on the males. He comes in colors such as peeper white, brown, red black and sometimes some white patches.

  • Grooming :

If you are planning to let them inside the house then they are supposed to be brushed regularly to keep them safe. The undercoat may blow off once or twice a year depending on the sex of the breed. Keeping this dog may leave a lot of hair on the carpets, chairs and any other place.

  • Body Type :

This dog has a square body, which is slightly longer than the tail. They have deep muscular and broad chest, which gives them a very strong appearance from the outside there is some moderate tuck on the dog’s body. Generally, their bodies are well built.

Characteristics :

  • He is good with the kids
  • He is cat friendly but this depends on his moods
  • He is friendly to other dogs but jealously protect his territory
  • With patient the dog can be trained
  • He sheds once or twice a year
  • He is very alert and very good as watchdog
  • In terms of grooming he is average
  • The dog is popular since he is people loving
  • He can easily adopt
  • He is hypoallergenic
  • The dog can sleep for over 12 hour

Tasty Tidbits :

Even though he appears very big and tough, normally he is a very good dog that makes a good companion to humans.

Care :

This dog is very energetic and requites some training at least for a few hours during the day. Training ids also required so that they do not eat anything that they come across. Overall, like any other animal they require god care.

Feeding :

It is highly recommended to give the dog 1.5 to 2 cups of high quality dog food twice daily. According to experts, these dogs require only a small amount of food in relation to their sizes. However, the quantities of food will depend on the overall size of the dog.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of East Siberian Laika :

East Siberian Laika East Siberian Laika East Siberian Laika East Siberian Laika East Siberian Laika East Siberian Laika East Siberian Laika

Information and Facts of East Siberian Laika :

  1. This dog is called East Siberian Laika
  2. Other names are Vostotchno Sibirskakia
  3. This dog breed was originally reared in Russia
  4. The size is medium size dog breed
  5. he breed group is hound dog group
  6. The life spans for 12 to 15 years in total
  7. The dog has a loyal, even tempered temperament
  8. Males can grow to be 25 inches while females 24 inches
  9. The color can be black , red , brown , white and tan among the common colors
  10. The puppy price is not known but ranges from $400 to $500
  11. He is a very cool dog
  12. He is friendly