Harrier Dog - Facts, Pictures, Appearance, Temperament

Harrier is a popular hunt dog of England that was once used to hunt hares and foxes. They are also tenacious worker and can be trained to do multiple of things. The dog is described as “Beagles on steroids” and is considered as taller version of Beagles. They are used as detective dogs in airports and railways.

The dog has a well-developed and wide nostril which makes it one of the most sought after sight hounds. They are born to work alongside human relentlessly. The dog is exuberant, cheerful and friendly with humans. With children they are patient and can tolerate their rough playing. They make perfect dog to active owners.


Being a pack dog, it is good with other animals but should be supervised with non-canine animals. The dog loves to explore and track; fenced yard makes an ideal place for them. Keep your dog on leash when you take it outside because of their irresistible drive to chase smell in the environment. Although they are sweet and harmonious dogs but are not recommended for novice dog’s owner because of their high exercise need and firm training.


The dog belongs to England. There are many speculation made about this dog’s history. Experts believe that the dog is descendant of Bloodhounds, Talbot hounds, and Basset Hounds. Few experts hold the opinion that the dog is a result of cross between English foxhound with Fox Terrier and Greyhound.

There is no doubt that the dog resembles like English foxhound but is medium in size. Harrier breed has a long history of hunting hare and that explains the reason of its name.


Harrier Dog Facts & Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to England and is a hunting dog
  2. It is proficient in hunting hare and fox
  3. They are sweet tempered inside home as they are not hyperactive but are recommended for apartments with yards
  4. Basic canine mannerism and obedience training is must for them
  5. They make good watchdog but not guard dog. They greet strangers as if they are old friends
  6. They have incredible stamina; suitable for jog, run or bicycle with dog alongside
  7. They need to be socialized at an early age so that they get used to different faces and sound
  8. They have the pack mentality and suitable for families with pets
  9. Lifespan of this breed is 10 – 12 years
  10. It is 19 to 21 inches tall
  11. The dog weighs around 20 – 30 kg
  12. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  13. They have short, thick and glossy coat. The dog is easy to groom
  14. Average cost of the puppy is  $300 - $400 USD
  15. As they have hanging ears so they are prone to ear infection.


The dog resembles like a small English hound. They are longer than taller with leveled topline. The breed has a muscular, stocky body with heavy bones which gives stamina to the dog. They have cat like feet. The dog’s tail should be carried in upward direction without getting curved over its back. They have expressive eyes which are brown or hazel in color.

Size and Weight

Ideal height of male breed should be 19 to 21 inches. Females are slightly shorter than male. There is no standardized weight for the dog, but they generally weigh around 40 and 55 pounds irrespective of the gender.

Coat and Color

Their coat is short and smooth glossy appearance. Coat should be straight and lie flat to its body. The dog comes in many color and mostly tri colored- black-tan-white. Other colors are- lemon and white, red and white.



  1. Personality - The dog is bestowed with remarkable energy and stamina. They love attention but are not fond of over pampering.  After a long hectic day from hunting, they would like to get belly rubbed or will curl up at owner’s feet and take a short nap. They are calm inside home and are not hyperactive to destroy the show pieces kept in living area. You can trust the dog with toddlers. They are patient and gentle around them. With adult children, they love to play. As they are pack dogs, so they will happily accept new dog or animals at home. Care should be taken when they are with non-canine animals or cats.
  2. Behavior - Like other sight hounds, they have habit of chasing and hunting rodents and small animals like hare, hamster etc. If left outside at night, it will bark to let you know he is feeling lonely and bored. A bored dog becomes destructive in nature so make sure that you provide ample amount of exercise to the dog. As they are pack dogs, so they feel less miserable when they have another dog animal at home. The dog makes good watchdog but not guard dog. It is important to keep their mind preoccupied with any sort of work when you are away from the dog.
  3. Activities requirement - The dog craves for lot of exercise. As they are hunting dogs so occasionally they should be given opportunity to hunt and show their skills. Harriers are country dogs and needs open space and outside environment to live happily and healthy. Take your dog on hikes, walks, and run and jog to burn off its energy. Two hours of vigorous physical activity is appropriate for this breed.
  4. Trainability - They are stubborn which makes them challenging to train. Firm and assertive leadership is important to train them. Teach your dog obedience lessons and basic canine manners.


Their diet should include essential vitamins and minerals. They are greedy eaters so care should be given while feeding them. Fish, meat, bacon and beef should be given to them. As the dogs are canine in nature so barf diet (raw food) is best for them.


The dog lives up to 10 to 12 years.

Health issues

It is not a hypoallergenic breed. Generally they are healthy breeds, with no signs of any major health issues. The dog might prone to hip dysplasia and epilepsy.


The dog is easy to maintain. It sheds moderately throughout the year. Brush its coat with bristle brush at least once a week to keep dead hair in control and debris free coat. Bathe the dog as needed. It is recommended to check its ears on regular basis because they are prone to ear infection. Trim its nail, if it doesn’t get wear off naturally. Brush its teeth to keep bad breath at bay.


It is a country dog and it needs space and open environment to thrive. The dog can live in cold climate only if it has been provided enough shelter to keep itself warm. They are good for warmer climates.

Pet Names

  1. Harry
  2. Mario
  3. Johnny
  4. Sarang
  5. Lipsa

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a friendly dog that is sweet with every one
  2. The dog is proficient in hunting hares
  3. The dog makes excellent watch dog.


  1. The dog is not suitable for urban lifestyle and cozy apartments
  2. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  3. Training the breed can be challenging.