Schnekingese - A Vocal and Lively Dog

Schnekingese is a designer breed that is high spirited and lively. This breed is a hybrid between Miniature Schnauzer and a Pekingese. The resultant offspring born is a feisty looking dog with glamorous wiry texture coat.  The breed craves for human attention every time. It is excessive vocal which could be a problem. “No bark command is must for the dog to learn”. They are highly territorial and won’t tolerate any other animal inside home. They may become dominant with toddlers. Older children who knows dog’s boundary are good with it. This little dog is brave and confident with obstinate character. He thinks himself as the center of universe and believes he is entitled to receive love and appreciation. The dog is well suited for watch dog duty as is alert and always attentive. The dog is reasonably intelligent and highly trainable. Firm hand is needed to teach the dog obedience.


The dog is a latest addition to the designer hybrid breed. Pekingese and Miniature Schnauzer cross mated to develop this breed.


Pekingese is a Chinese breed that originated 2000 years ago. This breed has an interesting mythological story. A lion and marmoset fell in love with each other. Lion asked the Buddha to convert them into small creature but their bravery and boldness remain the same. Buddha agreed and named the breed Pekingese which was named after then Chinese capital Peking.

Miniature Schnauzer is a 19th century Germany breed. It was developed by cross mating Standard Schnauzer with small dogs like Miniature Pinscher. The resultant breed, miniature schnauzer is a skillful vermin hunter.

Schnekingese Information & Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to USA and is a cross between Miniature Schnauzer and Pekingese
  2. Average height of the breed is 10 to 14 inches
  3. Average weight of the breed is 10 to 20 pounds
  4. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  5. The dog sheds moderately and its coat requires daily brushing
  6. The breed barks excessively
  7. The breed is highly adaptable and can tolerate any climate
  8. The dog has high prey drive; small animals like rabbits should be kept away from the dog
  9. The dog is slightly active inside home
  10. Life expectancy of this breed is 12 to15 years
  11. Average puppy cost is $600 to $800 USD
  12. The breed requires enough care and attention.


The breed’s appearance matches either one parent or both. It is a small dog with sturdily built up body. The dog is full of vigor and vitality. Its coat can either be long, short, straight or wiry. Its tail also varies in length. As Miniature Schnauzer is only hypoallergenic, so it can or cannot be hypoallergenic in nature. The breed has deeply pierced eyes of black color. Its muzzle is wide and nose should be black in color. Its back is straight and solidly built. Overall expression on its face is cute and keen.


Size and Weight

Average height of the breed is 6 to 14 inches and weight is around 10 to 20 pounds.

Coat and Color

The dog has weather resistant double coat. The length of the coat is medium and it can be either wiry or straight in texture. The dog’s coat depends upon which parent’s genes it carries the most. Top coat should be frizzy and undercoat should be dense and soft. The dog comes mostly in white, black and fawn color or combination of these two colors.


  1. Personality - The dog can inherit the personality of both or one parents. Few characteristics are for sure like liveliness, energetic, quirkiness and affectionate. The dog generally doesn’t get well with toddlers and animals so it is necessary to sow the seeds of socialization in its mind at an early age. It is also important to teach your kids how to treat family pet. The dog has simple motto in life- “give respect to take respect”. If you try to annoy it or tease it while eating, it may turn aggressive. But apart from it, this breed is loyal and makes wonderful family pet.
  2. Behavior - The dog has a habit of chasing small animals. It may have high prey drive. It is important to provide an open space to the dog where it can run, jump and fulfill its desire to play. Doesn’t matter whatever the time, the dog is always on its toes to play. It loves to play with kids and other family members. The dog is excessive vocal. It may bark for no reason at all. It is always an alert species which makes it a perfect watch dog. The dog is small in size to be an effective guard dog but it will surely protect its family members at the time of danger.
  3. Activities requirement - Sedentary lifestyle makes it bore. The dog wants fun and thrill in life. It loves to go on ride with humans. It is important to provide it at least an hour of exercise to make it a good mannered and calm dog inside home.
  4. Trainability - The dog is moderately easy to train. You should be firm along with gentle while training the dog. Immediately correct the dog, if it makes any mistake. Obedience related lesson, socialization lesson, no bark commands should be taught to it. The dog is above average when it comes to intelligence level so it learns the trick easily if the owner is consistent in training.


Food is the foundation of your dog’s health. Feed it raw meat, beef bison, venison, lamb, fish.  Feeding yoghurt, boiled eggs as well as fresh vegetables occasionally is also advisable. This dog loves bone so do include bones in diet. Do not keep the food every time on its bowl else it will become obese. Two meals a day is sufficient for adult dog. Keeping fresh water around its area will save it from getting dehydrated.



The dog lives up to 12 to15 years

Health issues

It can be or cannot be hypoallergenic depending upon which parents’ genes it has inherited.  Major health concerns of the dogs include patellar luxation, sinus, dry skin, intervertebral disc disease, dermatitis etc.

Grooming and Caring

Depending upon dog’s coat, it requires low to moderate grooming. Wiry coat requires regular brushing and straight coat requires once a week brushing. Similarly short hair is easy to comb than long hair. This dog falls into low drooling and smell category so bath it minimally. Excessive bath can dry out its skin which can cause allergy to it.  You are supposed to clean its ear monthly with a vet approved solution. It is imperative to brush its teeth to avoid oral health issues. Trim its nail if it doesn’t get wear off naturally.


The dog thrives in an apartment accompanied with backyard. It can tolerate cold and hot temperature pretty well.

Pet Names

  1. Rocco
  2. Choco
  3. Lucy
  4. Zia
  5. Tiara

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a lively dog that is human orientated
  2. The dog is excellent watch dog
  3. It is highly trainable.


  1. The dog tends to be notorious and it may disrupt the things inside home
  2. The dog has few health concerns like patellar luxation, sinus etc.
  3. It is not an animal friendly dog.