Hovawart - A Guard Dog

Hovawart is a medium to large sized dog from Germany. Hovawart in German language means "an estate guard dog". Hovawart are definitely do not trust strangers and makes effective watchdog too. They make excellent family dog because they are sweet and dedicated towards their family. Many people get confused with this dog and Golden Retriever because of similar appearance of these dogs. It is a beautiful dog with balanced bodily features. The dog has a confident demeanor and is immensely protective of its family.

They look at the world with two different spectacles- their family- and not their family. The dog is active but certainly not hyperactive which makes it suitable for apartment living if its exercise needs are fulfilled. The dog needs early socialization lesson so that it can discriminate between good people and evil people. The dog is dignified in nature but if aroused it will defend itself with full willpower. It is also a versatile worker and can be trained to do multiple of task.



The breed is a native of Germany and is hardly known outside of its country. This breed’s description is made in texts and painting of medieval period. It is a descendant of large working type of dogs such as Leon Berger, Newfoundland, and the Hungarian Kuvasz. The breed was primarily used to protect property of royal people. The word ‘hova’ in its name means watchman in German language.

Hovawart Facts & Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to Germany and is a guard dog
  2. It is also a working breed and can be trained to do multiple of task. It also makes effective watchdog
  3. Life expectancy of this breed is 10-14 years
  4. It is alert, watchful even tempered and dedicated breed
  5. It is 58 - 70 cm tall
  6. It weighs around 25 - 51 kg
  7. Average cost of puppy is $1000 - $1200 USD
  8. The can stay in apartment provided you fulfill its exercise needs. But an average sized yard is perfect for them
  9. They can stay outdoors and prefer cool climate
  10. They are playful, cheerful and protective of kids
  11. It is an average shedder. Grooming needs of the dog is low
  12. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  13. The dog is moderately easy to train. Positive reinforcement should be implemented to train them
  14. The dog is friendly with the animal it has been raised with. Non canine animals should be under supervision.


It is a medium-long working as well as guard dog. Male breed tends to be massive than female breed. The dog is muscular with no body part of it is exaggerated. They have small face, pointed muzzle and wedged shaped head. Eyes of the dog are expressive, thoughtful and dark to light brown in color. They have floppy ears with rounded tip. Their ears should reach the sides of the mouth. The teeth should meet in a level bite. Nose should be black with wide nostril. Topline should be leveled and chest should be deep and strong. Tail of the dog should be long and bushy.

Size and Weight

Male breed should be 25-28 inches tall and should weigh around 55-88 lbs. Female breed should be 23-26 inches tall and should weigh around 55-88 lbs.


Coat and Color

The dog has flowing coat which should be wavy in texture. They have double coat. Top coat should be frizzy and undercoat should be dense and soft. The dogs come in blonde, black-gold and black color.


  1. Personality - It has a dynamic personality. It is sweet tempered, calm and composed inside home but when it is on guard or watch duty it turn into a beast. The dog has shrill, sharp and loud bark. It is a determined and courageous breed. The breed has great admiration and compassion towards its family members. It has natural protective instincts. The feeling which this breed will bring to your life is indescribable. It is believed that this breed remember his friends and foes for lifetime. It has sharp memory and it doesn’t forget person’s face.
  2. Behavior - This breed needs meaningful task throughout his life. It is a workaholic breed and does every task with full dedication and responsibility. It is playful and cheerful around adult kids but toddlers should be under supervision with this breed. They are not animal friendly and generally aggressive towards them. If the animal is raised with the dog, it will consider as part of the pack and will protect it like rest of the family. The breed is mild dominant in nature and needs stern leader. The breed can also be used as search and rescue dog.
  3. Activities requirement - You need to engage this breed in task. Nothing makes it happier than responsibility of task. The breed should be exhausted daily by making it do various vigorous physical activities. It is fond of fetch games like fly ball, fly disc catching the ball etc. It can be your effective running and jogging partner.
  4. Trainability - The breed is moderately easy to train. Being a guard dog, it has to take certain decision on its own because of which it has developed an independent mind. Owners that have experience in training guard dogs are suitable to domesticate this breed.


An adult breed should be fed twice a day but how much to feed your dog depends upon its level of activity. Bones, meats, lamb, beef are the food item that should be given to this feed. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be fed to it so that your dog achieves optimum health.


Life expectancy of this breed is 10-14 years.


Health Issues

Not a hypoallergenic breed. It is a healthy breed with few health concerns like kidney problems, eye problems, heart problems, arthritis, hip dysplasia and osteosarcoma. To avoid heredity disease in dog, choose a puppy after doing background check of its parents.


This breed requires no professional grooming. Its coat doesn’t require trimming and clipping. This breed sheds moderately except at the time of season change i.e. twice a year. It is important to comb its hair daily because sometimes undercoat gets tangled and trapped in its coat which can lead to skin problems. As they are naturally clean dogs, so bath only when required. Brush its teeth twice or thrice a week, to keep it away from dental problems and bad breath. Trim its nail if it doesn’t get wears off naturally. It is mandatory to check its ears periodically for any sign of wax and infection.


This breed thrives in cold climatic areas. House accompanied with yard is suitable place for this breed.

Pet Names

  1. Johnny
  2. Shera
  3. Bubbly
  4. Noddy
  5. Roxy

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a reliable guard dog and watchdog
  2. The dog makes loving companion
  3. It remains sweet tempered and calm inside home.


  1. It is not meant for inactive owners
  2. The breed is not hypoallergenic
  3. It is not animal friendly breed. Toddlers should not be left alone with this breed.