Japanese Spitz

If you are looking for a companion dog and/or pet, the Japanese Spitz is your ideal choice. This dog brings with it a longhaired coat. The coat has a very thick layer, which is pure white. The tail is normally covered with a long hair and carried at the back. It is short at bottom half of its legs and has breeches at hind legs plus feathering at the forelegs. Its ears are usually small and upright pointed. The dog’s muzzle tapers slightly. Its large and oval eyes are slightly slanted and dark. Both the lips and nose are black. Its face is wedge-shaped. On its feet, there is a dense feathering.

History and Health :

  • History :

Breeding of this dog was meant to act as a pet or companion dog. The dog was spotted first in Tokyo, Japan in 1921. The dog is believed to be a cross breed of German Spitz Dogs and Siberian Samoyed in late 19th century in Japan. In 1948, Japanese Kennel Club admitted the dog. Soon, the dog gained huge popularity throughout Japan. Despite the fact that the popularity restricted to native land, the dog has tremendously being popular throughout the world. It was introduced in North America and Europe first.

  • Health :

In terms of the health of this dog, this breed is healthy with few genetic problems. Patellar Luxation is the major health concern for anyone keeping this dog. This is a condition, which the dog’s kneecap dislocates out from its position. The dog is also susceptible to runny eyes. This is mostly commonly because of having tear ducts which are small. It can also be because of allergic reactions to long grass. Stress is also associated with this condition. Runny eyes are rarely caused by serious eye defects.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

This dog is full of spirits. It is highly intelligent and quite playful. It is obedient and very alert. As a bold dog, it is an excellent watchdog. It alerts owners every time it feels there is need to do so. In most if not all times, the dog is always happy. It is an excellent company for children. The dog gets pretty well with other household pets as well as pets. You can count on the dog to be your house guardian or protector. If given the opportunity to believe it is in charge, the dog can really bark inveterably. He can go on and on. Ensure you tell him to calm down because he can continue for long. The dog is proud, affectionate, bold, and cheerful towards its masters.

  • Activity Requirements :

The Japanese Spitz enjoys playing all manner of games. Take it out to play games involving catching of balls or Frisbees. Take him for park walks and runs.

  • Trainability :

As long as you are consistent, training this dog is very easy. It is a quick learner.

  • Behavioral Traits :

When it comes to behavioral traits, this dog is without a doubt well mannered. It normally thrives on companionship that is both of humans and other animals. Be sure to approach it gently with formal introduction to avoid any form of trouble.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

The dog has erect ears. Its coat is sparkling white. The dog’s high set tail is normally carried curled at the back.

  • Size and Weight :

When it comes to size, the dog is small. It is between twelve to fifteen inches in terms of height. In terms of height, the dog weighs roughly eleven to 20 pounds or between five to ten kilograms.

  • Coat & Color :

The dogs color is pure white. It has a double, with soft, dense, and short undercoat. It also has a straight outer coat, which stands off its body. The front and rear legs are usually short haired. The same applies to its ears and face. The rest parts of the body are abundant with long coat. This is especially true on the tail, fore chest, shoulders, and neck.

  • Grooming :

Owners of this dog must comb and brush it regularly. The dog is very tidy and should only be bathed on necessary occasions. Use a double row comb to comb the dog especially when it is shedding.

  • Body Type :

The dog brings with it a small and well-proportioned body.

Characteristics :

  • The dog is excellent with kids
  • It is great with cats
  • It does not any problem with other dogs
  • In terms of trainability, the dog is very easy to train
  • Sheds from time to time
  • It is a perfect watchdog
  • It has high intelligence levels
  • The dog is well groomed
  • The dog is quite popular
  • The dog is great when it comes to adaptability
  • It is a NO in terms of being hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits :

The dog is a great eater.

Care :

Regular brushing is highly encouraged to reduce shedding.

Feeding :

The Japanese Spitz does not have any problems when it comes to feeding. They do not suffer from digestive problems. This makes it easy on their owners because it means they can eat any dog food type. The cost of food ranges from between $5-$10. Feed the dog twice in a day to avoid starving him. Also, ensure that he food all the time for his upkeep. Feeding him a balanced is great for his health. It also ensures that he is a great companion and protector.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Japanese Spitz :

Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz Japanese Spitz

Information and Facts of Japanese Spitz :

  1. Full name is Japanese Spitz
  2. Nihon Supittsu is other dog’s name
  3. Japan is the country of origin of the dog
  4. In terms of size type, this dog is of the dog small breeds
  5. When it comes to breed group, the dog falls in the non-sporting dog breeds
  6. This dog has a life expectancy of roughly twelve years
  7. Japanese Spitz is a proud, playful, companionable, obedient, affectionate and intelligent
  8. The male dog is approximately 30-40 cm in terms of height while the female is 25-35 cm
  9. This dog weighs 6.5-10kg
  10. It comes in color white
  11. An eight weeks old male Japanese Spitz costs roughly $1500, the same applies to a female dog