Landseer - Companion To Fisherman

The Landseer dog hails from England. They are remarkable swimmers and were used to help fisherman to tow nets to the shore. They also act as life savior by saving drowning men in water. This breed is even tempered and is friendly to everyone. It has sweet disposition and therefore makes mesmerizing addition to family. This dog is muscular and has white and black colored coat. People often get confused between this breed and Landseer Newfoundland because of similar appearance. However both the dogs differ in regard to agility, response and temperament.  It makes great friend to children as it loves to play and make them happy with its comical behavior. It is instinctively brave and will not think twice before sacrificing life for family. Give ample amount of love and pampering to the dog because it deserves so. This breed is also used by policeman for rescue purpose. The dogs are naturally caring and have soft heart for every human being. It also adjusts well to families with other animals and dogs. Human love and swimming are the two things which this breed craves for. It makes great pet to novice dog owner because it is obedient and is highly trainable.


In many countries, the Landseer is considered as another variation of Newfoundland. However they both are considered as separate breed in UK as well as in USA. In queen victoria’s reign, the white and black version of dog became more popular than all black colored dogs. Many great artists like Sydenham Edwards, Philip Reingale and Samuel Jones portrayed this breed in their arts. Eventually the white and black version of Newfoundland differed in size and appearance. It grew taller and less bulky with sweet expression on its face. Its coat also became curly rather than usual wiry texture. All these factors lead to calling this breed separate from Newfoundland.


Landseer Facts for Kids & Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to England and is used to lay nets in the sea
  2. The dog is extraordinary in swimming and is also used to save drowning men from water
  3. It is courageous, gentle, patient and lovable breed
  4. Lifespan of this breed is 9-11 years
  5. Height of the dog is 72-80 cm
  6. It weighs around 59-68 kg
  7. The dog comes in white and black color
  8. Average price of this breed is $2000 - $2500 USD
  9. The dog is calm inside home and good for apartment living. An average size yard will be best for it
  10. Barking tendencies of this breed is occasional
  11. It is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful around them
  12. It is peaceful with other dogs and animals
  13. The exercise needs of the dog are moderate. You are supposed to take the dog out for walk
  14. The dog sheds moderately. You are required to brush its dense and double coat regularly
  15. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  16. The dog is sweet with strangers and less likely to show suspicious behavior
  17. It makes good watchdog because of its alert nature.


It is a tall, muscular and powerful dog. The legs of the dog are longer than Newfoundland. The dog has wide face and square shaped short muzzle. Its ears are small, triangular and folded in front. The dog has expressive eyes which is dark brown in color. Feet of the dog are webbed shaped that aids it in swimming. Its tail is long and forms curved shape.

Size and Weight

Ideal of the male breed is 72–80 cm and female is 67–72 cm tall. Male breed weight is around 59–68 kg and female breed weighs around 45–54 kg.

Coat and Color

The dog has thick double coat which is water repellant. The topcoat is slightly curly, long and oily. Undercoat should be dense and soft to touch. The dog comes in white-black color.



  1. Personality - It is a good natured dog that is sweet and generous with everyone. It is patient with toddlers and playful with adult children. Even with strangers, they are docile natured and have a welcoming approach. The dog is noble, calm and loyal to its family members. They are immensely sociable dogs who enjoy company of other animals too. This breed is truly a peace loving animal. Just like their size, they are big hearted.
  2. Behavior - The dog loves to get wet. It drinks a lot of water and drools too. Though it is not as messy as other giant dogs. The dog needs human companionship every time. They need your attention and love. They are naturally protective towards their loved ones and will place themselves before any dreadful or danger situation. As they are sensitive dogs, so treat your dog gently and never resort to harsh tone. They are sluggish so they are perfect for apartment size.
  3. Activities Requirement - The dog is lazy until the situation demands them to be active. This breed can lie inside swimming pool all day long. They have love for water so you may take your dog on adventurous place near to water. Daily half an hour walk or running is must for them so that they remain fit and healthy.
  4. Trainability - The dog is easy to train. They lack aggression so any dog lover can train this breed. With love and appreciation, you can teach the dog anything. Never be rude to your dogs because they feel attached to owner and rude behavior can make them depressed and hamper their mental growth. House training the dog is very easy as they are obedient and follow rules set by master.


This breed is greedy eater. Feed them food specially formulated for large sized dog. Apart from meat you can also feed them cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables, and cooked egg. Always keep water around their place of eating.


The dog can live up to 9-11 years.

Health issues

The dog is not hypoallergenic. They are prone to health issues common to other giant breeds. Health concern of the dog includes- hip dysplasia, Posterior Polar Cataract, von Will brand’s Disease, ear infection etc.



The dog is moderately easy to groom. It sheds averagely. Brush its coat after every alternate day to maintain its natural appearance. Bathe the dog as necessary. Clean its ears with vet approved solution. Trim the dog’s nails periodically and brush its teeth daily to avoid any dental issues.


The dog is suitable to live in apartment because they are not so active. An average size yard will be comfortable for them. The dogs prefer cool climate.

Pet Names

  1. Libra
  2. Leo
  3. Lotto
  4. Brutus
  5. Romeo

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. This breed is referred to as giant gentle. They have sweet disposition and friendly behavior with everyone
  2. They are protective of their family and immensely dedicated to them
  3. They are excellent swimmers and good for water related tasks.


  1. The dog is prone to get obese as they are greedy eaters
  2. They are not suitable for people with hectic work schedule
  3. They lack aggression to be effective guard dog.