McNab Dog

This is probably the best apartment dog. However, they like long walks once in awhile to keep them healthy and in shape. Apart from the dog being healthy and hard working, he is also dependable. The dog has some watchful eye but restrained on some things. Apart from all these, the dog has unique ears that are different from any other dog of the same breed.

History & Health :

  • History :

History has it that the dog came into being after a breeder by the name Alexander bred two animals to come up with the breed. After the breeding, the dog has been famous for his herding ability. In fact, most ranchers breed the animal for herding purposes. Apart from herding, the dog is also very effective in hunting roles, which he does effectively.

  • Health :

This type of the dog does not feel sick often, however, occasionally like any other animal, he falls sick. It is very important to have a health clearance before you purchase the breed that you want. Most breeders have made a mistake of buying the breeds that are not healthy. The most common diseases that are likely to affect them are patellar luxation, leggs perthes, and hip dysplasia among others.

Temperament& Personality :

  • Personality :

The main thing about this dog is that he has herding capability. They have good manners, good personality, and good hygiene. He is a type of dog that can also be bred for hunting techniques. In the process of herding sometimes, it is common for the dog to start barking but with proper training, this can be controlled. They are sociable and friendly in nature.

  • Activity Requirements :

This dog can thrive well in adventure and a lot of outdoor activities. Apart from being an apartment dog, this dog should be exercised at least two times daily each day. Each day when you take them out to play, both of you will enjoy the fun. This dog should be allowed to do exercise.

  • Training :

When it comes to training, you must understand that this breed requires a lot of patience since he is not very good at taking instructions. In case you are not well versed with training requirements, it is very advisable to involve the services of an expert who will assist you in this. Since this dog is very active and brilliant when given proper training with a lot of care he can come out to be a very good dog.

  • Behavioral Traits :

This breed is a very active dog who chews anything he comes across. Once training has been done well, the dog can turn out well. Like any other animal who likes their owner this dog should not be left alone for a long time otherwise they can start feeling lonely. When you are staying in compound, it is also important to keep the yard fenced and the gate closed since it is very aggressive and he can harm others.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

Looking at the dog, you will notice that it is an athletic that is small or medium sized in nature. The ears are distinctive and triangular in nature. His tail sometimes is bobbed or long. The dog has feet that resemble those of a cat.

  • Size & Weight :

This breed can grow up to 14 inches and can weigh up to 35 kilograms. However, most of them are small and medium sized dogs.

  • Coat & color :

This dog has a smooth coat with black and red markings. Although these are the only colors, they can also come in other colors. Some of them also have other body markings.

  • Grooming :

Since the dog’s is not heavy, it does not require a lot of grooming, he should be regularly brushed to ensure that the dog remain clean. For oral hygiene, the dog’s teeth should be brushed at least twice in week.

  • Body Type :

The appearance of this dog can vary widely, some of them resemble border collies since they have almost the same ancentry.The coat of the dog is smooth and short. With medium sized ears.

Characteristics :

  • The dog cope well with the kids
  • He is not very much friendly with the cats
  • He is friendly to the dog
  • He can easily be trained with a lot of patient
  • He sheds his coat one in a year but moderately once in awhile
  • He performs well as watch dogs
  • He is very intelligence
  • They are good in grooming
  • The dogs is popular
  • He easily adopts to any environment
  • He is hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits :

The dog is one of the best breed that can be used as heading dog hence should be used for that purpose.

Care :

Generally, the dog breed is very healthy and the life span can surpass up to 15 years. Cleaning the coat of the dog should be reguarlay to remove the dead hair on it. Once you have developed v normal grooming season with the dog it will be like a bonding moment with the dog. Bathing the dog is not very important since the dog is not a smelling canine. Otherwise, reguarlar excessise is ideal.

Feeding :

Although this dog does not consume a lot of food in relation to his size, just like any other dog a balanced diet is ideal. 1/5 to 2 cups of high quality dog food is ideal to be given to the dog. It is essential that you do not overfeed the dog and to make sure that the food is hygienic.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of McNab Dog :

McNab Dog McNab Dog McNab Dog McNab Dog McNab Dog McNab Dog

Information and Facts of McNab Dog :

  1. The dog is called McNab
  2. Other names are McNab sheep dog, MacNab herding dog,
  3. He originated from the United States of America
  4. He is a medium sized dog breed
  5. The breed group is not standard
  6. The dog can live for up to 14 years
  7. He is a friendly , hardworking and sociable dog
  8. The height can be over 14 inches
  9. The weight of the dog is on average 35 kilograms
  10. The color ranges from red and white, tricolor, black and white
  11. He is a companion dog
  12. He is a loving dog