Silken Windhound - American Sighthound

Silken Windhound is an elegant dog with extremely friendly behavior. The dog has a zest to live an adventurous life. Like other sighthound, they love running and chasing moving objects. As they lack endurance so they shouldn’t be exercised for longer duration of time. The dog is sweet, outgoing and devoted companion. The dog is a perfect combination of beauty with speed.  The silky coat gives the dog spellbound beauty but it requires care and regular brushing. The dog’s chiseled face and long arched neck make it unique in appearance. Of all the sight hounds they tend to be the most well behaved and affectionate in nature. It is also said that the dog is smaller version of Borzoi breed. The dog is generous with other pets and that includes cats as well. Children are their first love and they love to entertain them through their amusing activities. Buying this breed is a long term commitment.


Francie Stull who was a famous breeder and dog lover developed this breed. She wanted a sighthound which is medium in length but has coat of Borzoi. As all the sight hounds are large in size except Whippets so she crossed it with Borzoi and whippet. The resultant puppy met her criteria- medium sighthound with silky coat. The dog was also sweet tempered and possesses a confident demeanor.


Silken Windhound Facts & Characteristics

  1. The dog belongs to America and is a sighthound
  2. It is a medium sized dog which is 18-23.5 inches tall
  3. The dog is friendly, playful, energetic and faithful
  4. Weight of the dog is 15-25 kg
  5. They have a long lifespan of 16 to 20 years
  6. They come in black, tan, white, red, gray, silver, brown and white color
  7. Average cost of the puppy is $800 - $1000 USD
  8. A dog can live in a spacious apartment if they are provided enough walk and exercise. A yard is a complimentary for them to live
  9. It is a suitable breed for kids as it tends to be gentle, soft and playful around them
  10. In order to keep the breed happy give it enough exercise and opportunity to run
  11. They shed moderately and need daily brushing of their coat
  12. They are not hypoallergenic
  13. It is advisable to start vigorous exercise to the puppy after one year because till then its joints and bones are not well developed
  14. They are comparatively easy to train as compared to other sight hounds.


They are medium sized graceful looking dog with silky coat. Its body is compact with well-developed bones. Body is athletically built up to facilitate the dog in running. This breed is an embodiment of athletic beauty. The well carved long neck with tuck in stomach gives the dog model like appearance. Its legs are long with formulated knuckles. Tail is long and thick. The face should be small with well chiseled bones. Muzzle should be long with well-noticeable stop. Eyes should be dark in color and of almond shape.

Size and Weight

Dog should be 46–60 cm tall irrespective of the gender. Male should weigh around 15–25 kg while female should weigh slightly less.

Coat and Color

The dog has a majestic looking silky coat. Its coat should be fine in texture and smooth to touch. Coat can be straight wiry or even curly and should be of medium size. The dog comes in varieties of colors like black, tan, white, red, gray, silver, brown and white color.



The dog is a moderate shedder. Its coat requires regular brushing followed by combing. This will circulate the blood in its body and keep its coat healthy. Brushing also reduces the dead hair and makes the coat mats free. Brushing the teeth is advisable to keep the bad smell at bay. Check its ears regularly and trim its nails if it doesn’t wear naturally.


  1. Personality - They are a big hearted dogs that think this world as family. They are good with fellow humans. They have soft place for children and are tolerant around other animals. They make perfect family companion because of their easy going personality and even temperament. Different dogs has different ways to show their love- some will kiss and poke nose; some will wag tail and lick your face and some will throw themselves on you for a hug.
  2. Behavior - The dog is not for wrestling and stamina related sports. They excel at agility and chasing only. The dog thrives in a home which has another dog pet. It can be shy towards unknown faces but once it gets familiar it will love to play with them. They are too sweet with humans to be a guard dog. They remain even nerved inside home and barely speak. This makes them not an effective watchdog. Like other sight hounds, the dog loves to run and chase.
  3. Activities requirement - These dogs are born for running. You need to provide it opportunity to run. The dog has a competitive spirit and loves to take part in dog’s racing and other kind of activities that involves speed. Occasionally you can take the dog for hunting. The dog does have a prey drive which should be utilized from time to time. One hour jogging or running is sufficient for the dog.
  4. Training - The dog is easy to train because of its drive to please humans. Socialize the dog from its puppyhood so that it can get accustom to visitors. This will make him a sensible adult dog. Obedience training like- go, sit, down, run, stop etc. should be taught to dogs. You can also give it agility related training like crossing the hurdle, jump etc.


An adult dog requires two bowls of meal per day. Do not overfeed the dog because that can make the dog obese and disturb its digestive system. A high quality dry food formulated for medium sized dog should be fed to this breed.


The dog lives up to 16 to 20 years of age.


Health issues

It is not a hypoallergenic breed. The dog has a healthy lifespan. As it is a purebred dog so it is immune to major health concerns. Few of the common problems related to dogs are-

  1. Lotus Syndrome: In this dog’s limbs get folded causing difficulty in breathing.
  2. Cryptorchidism: It is a failure of one or both testicles.
  3. Hip and elbow dysplasia
  4. Eyes related disease like – PRA, cataract, collie eye anomaly etc.


The dog can thrive in an apartment, if it has been given enough exercise. A house with a yard is like a cherry on cake for this dog.

Pet Names

  1. Shiro
  2. Doremon
  3. Kochekame
  4. Shinzo
  5. Chikki

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is lovable dog that makes excellent family dog because of its friendly nature
  2. The dog has a healthy lifespan as compared to other breeds of dogs
  3. The dog excels in agility related sports.


  1. It doesn’t make good watch dog or guard dog
  2. The dog sheds a lot
  3. It is not a hypoallergenic breed.