Smooth Collie - Short Coated Version Of Rough Collie

There are two types of collie- smooth coated and rough coated which has long hair. Smooth coated collie is becoming more popular among dog owners because of its low grooming needs and glamorous appearance. This breed belongs to Scotland and its primary job was to herd livestock. They form strong bonds with their owner and are highly trainable which makes them perfect family dog. Smooth Collie tends to be more energetic and outgoing than rough collies. They are active breeds who enjoy outside environment- running in the woods, playing with other dogs and going for long walks. Being a herding dog, the dog can be incredibly vocal but their sweet barking voice sounds as if the dog is singing. The dog thrives well in house with another dogs and pets. In the absence of livestock, the dog will herd humans and will become highly protective of family members.


Exact location and history of the breed is unknown. It is believed that the breed was brought to Scotland by Romans. Some experts are of the opinion that the breed’s name was derived from the word “coaly” which means dark color because it is a descendant of black colored sheep once found in Scotland. After Queen Victoria owned this dog, the dog was bred for companionship purpose too. It is also believed that smooth collie and rough collie has same descendant. In many countries the breed is registered as same dog and in some countries separate registration is made.


Smooth Collie Facts & Characteristics

  1. The dog belongs to Scotland and is a herding dog
  2. Smooth collie has the reputation of one of the most beautiful dog breeds
  3. They are joyful breed with a great sense of fun. The dog loves to romp in outside environment
  4. As it is a herding dog so it is filled with enormous energy. The dog needs to be extensively exercised
  5. The breed is also known for taking out interesting voice which seems like singing
  6. The dog is highly expressive and is known to communicate with varied facial expression such as nodding head from side to side, puffing cheeks, smiling etc.
  7. The breed gets along with other animals quite well
  8. It is easy to train the breed because they have strong desire to please their owner
  9. Life expectancy of this dog is 12 to 15 years
  10. They weigh around 20–29 kg
  11. Height of the dog is 56–61 cm
  12. The dog comes in variety of shades and colors like white, sable merle, blue merle, sable and sable and white. They can also come in tri colors
  13. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  14. The dog comes in $800 to $1200 USD.


It is a solidly built up dog with well- proportionate body features. It has a wedged shape face with flat skull. Its muzzle should be smooth and well-rounded at the bottom. Its eyes should be almond shaped and medium sized. Ears are moderate in size and should be placed at the top of the head and are semi erected. Neck should be well arched and strongly built up.  It has a deep chest with even outline of the back. Its tail is long with a slight curved.

Size and Weight

Ideal height of the male breed should be 56–61 cm and female breed should be 51–56 cm tall. Weight of the male breed should be 20–29 kg and that of female breed should be 18–25 kg.

Coat and Color

The dog has short and flat double coat. Topcoat should be coarse to touch and harsh in texture. Undercoat should be dense and soft. Accepted colors of the breed is sable and white, blue merle and tricolor. The dog should have solid dark colored markings on its coat.



Smooth Collie is a low maintenance dog. Once a week brushing is enough to keep its coat healthy and mats free. It sheds moderately; brushing will decrease the amount of dead hair. Regular brushing its teeth is mandatory to keep its teeth healthy and bad smell at bay. Trim its nails once in a month and clean its ears so that it doesn’t develop any mites or wax.


  1. Personality - It is an outgoing dog with high spirited personality. It loves to walk in the woods and playing with humans. It can be your jogging and running partner too. The dog is highly sociable and with no signs of possessiveness. It is happy to share its life with other animals. They love children and are cheerful around them. The dog is far from being an aggressive and shy breed. They can also be used as assistance dogs for the disabled people.
  2. Behavior - The dog has a sweet and amicable disposition. It tends to communicate with owner through facial expression and voice. The dog is famous for taking out myriads of voices. The dog has strong herding instincts and excels in agility related sports. The dog demands for attention and love from owner. They are engaging dogs and love to participate in family activities. Being sensitive in nature they should never be treated harshly and left alone for longer duration of time.
  3. Activities requirement - The dog is athletic and has working instincts. Nothing can make a dog happier than engaging it some kind of work. Though they are calm inside home but when their exercise needs are not fulfilled, they tend to be destructive and bark incessantly. Take your dog out for a long walk, give it opportunity to run and play with other dog friends. The dog will be happy to be your child’s playmate.
  4. Training - The dog possesses moderate stubbornness but is intelligent and loves to please owner which make it easy to teach skills. It excels in obedience competition and agility apart from being an incredible working dog. You can also train your dog to be an effective tracking dog for disable. Praise and encouragement will definitely boost up dog’s spirit to perform well.


This dog is fond of food. You need to prepare a diet chart because it has a tendency to overeat and become fat. This could be harmful for your dog’s health so divide its meal into small diet. Feed your dog healthy and balanced diet for its overall development. Providing it food twice a day is beneficial for it.


Life expectancy of this breed is 12 to 15 years.


Health Issues

It is not a hypoallergenic breed. This breed is generally strong and hearty. But no dog is immune to heredity disease. Some of the common health problems associated with the breed is- collie eye anomaly (the retinas get detached which causes blindness), progressive retinal atrophy which causes night blindness and bloat.


The dog can live in any climate. It thrives well in an apartment accompanied with yard.

Pet Names

  1. Rosy
  2. Bobby
  3. Janu
  4. Genny
  5. Jimmy

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a high spirited dog with affectionate nature
  2. The dog is highly sociable and gets along with other animals quite well
  3. The breed can live in any climate.


  1. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  2. They are sensitive and need their family’s members always around them
  3. They are not suitable dogs for owners who follow a sedentary lifestyle. You need to be on your toes, if you plan to own this dog.