The Africanis is one of the only two breed of African dogs which have been domesticated, the other one being the Rhodesian Ridgeback. There were very popular as hunting dogs in the past but have now adapted to being more of house pets because of their playful and friendly nature.

Africanis History and Health

  • History – Although the Africanis is said to be a traditional African dog which was domesticated over time, there are some theories which say that the actual domestication of dogs took place in Asia after which these dogs were imported to Africa. There, they adapted to the natural ecosystem and cross-bred with other existing breeds to evolve into the breed that we know as Africanis today.
  • Health – Africanis is a breed which has developed immense natural immunity to internal and external parasites because of their exposure to difficult environment over the years. This means that they generally remain healthy but can be susceptible to diseases like distemper and parvo virus. Rabies is also a disease which can be contracted by this breed.

Temperament and Personality :

  • Personality - The Africanis is a very friendly and playful dog. This makes it a great pet and an excellent companion for kids. They are also very watchful and alert by nature. They have been known to be very independent minded but are also quite obedient of their owners. They can, however, tend to grow grumpy and moody as they grow older.
  • Activity Requirements - This breed of dog requires moderate activity on a daily basis which will keep him healthy. A long, brisk walk is good enough or you can go on a cycling trip with an Africanis dog which will be a good run for him.
  • Trainability - The Africanis can be trained very easily. He is a generally subservient dog and reacts well to direct orders from the owners.
  • Behavioural Traits - The Africanis is usually very friendly, especially towards kids. However, it has been long established that he is a very territorial dog. Therefore, he does not do so well with other house pets, especially other dogs. If you try to put him in a pack of same breed or different breed dogs, he will be miserable.

Appearance and Grooming :

  • Appearance - This dog comes in the medium size type category of dogs. He is generally tall at the shoulders but can sometimes have an elongated body shape which makes him look longer than taller. The body is well muscled and coat is short.
  • Size and Weight - An Africanis stands at almost 20-24 inches in height and can weigh anywhere between 25 to 45 kgs.
  • Coat and Colour - It has a short coat which comes in a variety of colours like black, dark brown, golden merle, chocolate brown, honey, white and cream. The spot may be with or without markings. It may be spotted or bridled or may not have any marking at all.
  • Grooming - It does not have any special grooming needs apart from an occasional brush down of coat with a brush with fine bristles.
  • Body Type - The Africanis has a slender body built which enables him to be very agile and natural in his movements. He has a well-muscled body and the ribs are just visible when the dog is in very good health. His head is cone shaped and body is more elongated than that of an average dog.

Africanis Characteristics

  • He is good with kids because of his playful and friendly nature.
  • He is very territorial about his surroundings.
  • He is highly trainable as he is very obedient.
  • He can be friendly to other animals so long as they respect his territorial boundaries.
  • He does not fare well if put in a pack.
  • He is not very apartment friendly but can survive in one if need be.
  • He has a lot of stamina to walk or trot great distances.
  • He is fairly good at adapting to different environments.
  • His health generally remains good but has a risk of contracting rabies.
  • He does not require special grooming or high quality nutrition.
  • He is loyal and courageous and has been known to fight to death for their owners.

Tasty Tidbits :

The Africanis was basically domesticated in the rural areas of South Africa and therefore a rural area is his natural habitat. He was often used for herding livestock or for guarding or protecting it which has becomes his natural trait.


Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Africanis :

Africanis Africanis Africanis Africanis Africanis Africanis Africanis

Care :


The Africanis has a very high level of natural survival instinct and therefore does not require or expect any special care or pampering from the owners. It is watchful by nature and has extremely expressive facial expressions as well as body language. It does, however, need a definite space which he can mark as his own since this breed of dog is very territorial by nature. Also, at least an annual medical check-up of this dog is recommended since he is susceptible to rabies.

Feeding :

A normal healthy diet of high quality dry food should be good enough for this dog. He is adaptable by nature and can even survive for many years on a low quality diet, though it will not be very healthy for him.

Information And Facts of Africanis

  1. The full name of this dog is Africanis.
  2. Other names are African Dog, Bantu Dog, Hottentot Hunting Dog, Zulu Dog, Umbwa Wa Ki-Shenzi and Khoikhoi Dog.
  3. The dog’s country of origin is South Africa.
  4. It is a medium sized breed of dogs.
  5. It belongs to the ‘Hound/ Pariah Dog’ breed.
  6. Average lifespan is 10-12 years.
  7. Its height varies from 50 to 60 cms or 20-24 inches.
  8. It can weigh anywhere between 25-45 kgs with female dogs weighing less than the male dogs.
  9. It comes in many colours ranging from black, dark brown, chocolate brown, golden merle, white and cream.
  10. An Africanis puppy can cost about $500 on an average.
  11. It needs a moderate amount of exercise daily and a long brisk walk or cycling trip is best for him.
  12. It is a very intelligent and watchful dog along with being extremely playful and loyal.