Border Collie

The Border collie is a wonderful dog because of his skills. In fact, he is believed to be the most-intelligent breed compared to other breeds. He is of high intelligence, with a great amount of energy. In most, cases it is used on the farms to help with livestock herding and also as a companion to the animals. It has uncanny ability of reacting with whistles and other commands, and that is the reason as to why they are used in herding. Although, other dogs are unique in their ways, but the Border collie would serve as the best dog to those who are searching for a responsive dog.

History and Health

  • History :

Border collie breed was developed purposely to take care of the sheep in the hilly border of Scotland and England. The dog is regarded for his stare eye which is so much commanding and could control the flock. He is a dog with much energy and stamina that suits it for that role. As times go by, nowadays he is still being used to take care of sheep on farms and ranches all over the world. The greatly trained dog does very well in various sports, flyball, tracking and also obedience being included. Therefore, the dog can be said to be like a master craftsman at work.

  • Health :

When it comes to heath, the dog is healthy, but similar to other breeds, it is not exceptional to diseases. Though not all Border collies can be attacked by these diseases but it is crucial to be informed about them when you are considering this breed. Therefore, when purchasing a puppy, it is very vital to go for a good breeder that has been tested and well cleared of some health problems. Some of the likely diseases are Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Epilepsy. Therefore, it is advisable to confirm health clearances before getting one of the breeds.

Temperament & Personality

  • Personality :

In regards to personality, Border collie is a dynamo. He is a hardworking, energetic and smart dog. He is quicker when it comes to learning and even sometimes it makes it difficult for the owner to challenge him. The dog loves to be busy or rather become bored, which can cause bad behaviors like digging, much barking and chasing cars. He is not the type of a dog to lie silently while you are enjoying taking a drink; not at all because he was born active and liked working all day out. Nevertheless, he is not all perfect because sometimes he gets fearful when he is not well socialized as a puppy.

  • Activity Requirements :

This dog requires structured activity that can make his mind and body stimulated. It was specifically brought up to herd the sheep, and therefore, this function should rule most of his activities. Herding is something that is in his blood, and it is his natural choice but still jogging and swimming are recommended as well to keep him healthy and strong

  • Trainability :

In regards to training Border collie, it is true that the dog is simple to train because it has great intelligence and in most cases it is responsible. The fact that the dog hates idleness makes it simple for the owner to take it to the farm and train it regarding his roles. It has wonderful potential to playfulness, and its high energy content makes the dog excel well in training. Therefore, this dog is trainable and benefits a lot from training and socialization during the training session.

  • Behavioral Traits :

In regards to behavior, Border collie is a friend with many people but only those that it is familiar with and does not recognize the strangers so much. It also extends its friendship to the young kids and other dogs, but it may be tempted to herd them because it is used to that role. Not surprisingly, it can also chase livestock, cats and other animals that are quicker runners.


Appearance & Grooming

  • Appearance :

Border collie has a relatively flat head which is the same size to the muzzle. Its tail is relatively shorter to the rest of the other body. It has oval shaped eyes that are a part from each other and straight front legs when observed from the front but when viewed from the side, they appear sloping. Also, it has short hairs on the face and the ears compared to the tail that is bushy.

  • Size and Weight :

These dogs weigh between thirty-five to forty-five pounds. In terms of height, they stand between nineteen to twenty-two inches tall.

  • Coat & Color :

It is important to note that Border collie has a coat whose most color is commonly black with a white blaze on the face, feet and the tail. However, it can be any bicolor, tricolor or even tricolor but in exceptional of white color.

  • Grooming :

When it comes to grooming, Border collie requires easy grooming to keep him smart. Brushing is more than important when it comes to grooming. It is essential to ensuring that the coat is weekly brushed. Bathe the dog only when necessary about after duration of four months. Also, the teeth should brush at least thrice a week to avoid bacterial infection. The nails should be well trimmed once a month and same to the ears that ought to be cleaned once a week using a gentle cotton wool.

  • Body Type :

The Border collie is a medium sized dog and attractive to look.

Border Collie Characteristics

  • He is not usually a cat-friendly
  • when it comes to intelligence, he is great
  • He is sometimes dog-friendly
  • He is the average in regards to adaptability
  • His affection level is superb hence needs affection
  • He is rarely apartment friendly
  • Border collie is not usually stranger friendly
  • His watchdog ability is great
  • In terms of grooming, he is somewhat
  • when it comes to trainability, he is below average
  • In regards to playfulness, he has high potential
  • He has high sensitivity
  • He is not usually kidding in a friendly way

Tasty Tidbits

This dog is born fat. He brings with him huge appetites.


The dog requires a secured area or a country farm due to high adoption ability. Due to his role of herding and chase, he must be protected from chasing even the cars. The dog requires mental and physical stimulation each day, and he requires an owner who can provide to him that. In case there is no farm for the dog, take it to sports as a good alternative.


This dog eats depending on his size, age and activity levels because a dog is like a human being, and they require a different amount of food. Also, the food should be of high quality to nourish the dog. The recommended amount of food should about one to two cups of high quality dry food in every day, divided into two meals.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Border Collie :

Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie Border Collie

Information and Facts of Border Collie

  1. Full name is Border Collie
  2. The dog’s origin is in United Kingdom
  3. Another name is scotch sheep Dog
  4. He stands six to ten inches tall
  5. This dog weighs five to twenty pounds
  6. He has a life expectancy of between twelve to fifteen years
  7. He comes in a range of colors such as black, black and tan, blue, brown, red, white and yellow
  8. His coat is dense, silky and corded
  9. The dog’s breed group is Herding
  10. The dog’s breed type is a purebred
  11. The dog’s lifespan is between twelve to fifteen years
  12. In terms of temperament, he is alert, social, cheerful and responsible
  13. He is famous, In terms of shedding coat he is above average.