Carolina Dog

The Carolina Dog breed has only been studied by us in the last 40 years. These are primitive dogs that have existed in the wilds for generations. They are fiercely independent, hardy and can easily adapt to situations. When trained from childhood these make for excellent pets who are very loyal and loving towards their owners and also possess commendable watchdog capabilities.

History and Health :

  • History :

The Carolina Dog breed came into existence in the human books a mere 40 years ago. However, while we might not have written about them we have definitely benefited from their existence since a long time. It is believed that this breed might be one of the oldest dog breeds that probably evolved from the wolves 14,000 to 35,000 years ago. The breed probably came into existence in India, China or Middle East which have a much smaller species of wolves as compared to the rest of the world. This breed has been surviving in the wilds since then and has provided valuable support to humans throughout their existence.

  • Health :

These are natural dogs that have not been carefully bred by humans. Thus, they do not have any of the genetic health disorders common to other canines. Whatever health problems might have existed earlier, they have been cleansed by nature thanks to the mixed gene pool. Skeletal and visual problems might occur at times in this breed and it is advisable to check for the same as early as possible.

Temperament and Personality :

  • Personality :

These are primitive dogs that cannot be easily domesticated. They are fiercely independent and have the follow the pack tendencies. They can become great pets when trained from a young age. These dogs love to play and are good with both children and other pets. Strangers do not rank high on their list though and they can be very wary of them. Fearless, agile and strong these make for excellent guard dogs.

  • Activity Requirements :

These are inherently wild dogs and should not be kept in cramped places or apartments. They need to be able to exercise in the outdoors daily. A daily walk with their masters is necessary as is some moderate exercising in the house yard.

  • Trainability :

These dogs are not that easy to train. While intelligent their natural independence and the fact that they have survived pretty much on their own since time immemorial makes them averse to being trained. However, these are pack dogs that follow the leader of the pack. Once the owners and trainers have established themselves as the leader a Carolina dog would generally follow him. When taking them out for walks ensure that you make them heel or sit behind you as in their minds a leader always walks in the front of the pack.

  • Behavioral Traits :

These are active and fun loving dogs. If trained well and socialized from an early age they can become very friendly with their owners and are very loyal to them. These dogs are good with kids and pets and can be fiercely protective of their owners whom they start to consider as their pack.

Appearance and Grooming :

  • Appearance :

These dogs have a wedge shaped head, long neck and powerful jaws. Their eyes are almond shaped and dark and generally look very soft and alert. They have a fish hook tail which is carried in various positions depending on the mood of the dog but is never left loose. They have erect ears which are set high on their heads.

  • Size and Weight :

These are medium sized dogs whose height ranges from 17.5in to 19.5in and who weigh somewhere between 30 to 44 pounds.

  • Coat and Color :

They have a short coat that is very thick and also a dense undercoat in some seasons. The color of the coat varies from a deep red ginger to various shades of red and ginger as well as in occasional cases tan, fawn or black.

  • Grooming :

These dogs require very little grooming. Their short coats do not attract much dust or dirt and an occasional brushing is all that is required to keep them clean. They do shed heavily twice a year and might require rigorous brushing during this time to get rid of all the dead hair.

  • Body Type :

This breed has a medium sized body with a muscular chest and straight back. Their compact bodies can be really strong.

Characteristics :

  • These are primitive and wild dogs
  • They can be domesticated if trained from a young age
  • A Carolina Dog can make a wonderful companion who is friendly and loyal
  • They are agile and strong
  • They need a lot of regular exercise
  • They need open areas to play in
  • They are good towards kids and other pets
  • This breed is wary of strangers
  • These are not the most easily trained creatures but consistent and firm handling works over time
  • They make for excellent watchdogs
  • These are very adaptable and hardy dogs

Tasty Tidbits :

These dogs have very strong herding instincts and can howl on hearing certain noises.

Care :

The only thing that is required to keep a Carolina Dog healthy and hearty is regular exercise and open spaces. They also enjoy the company of their masters thus spending sufficient time with them is also important.

Feeding :

Colored kibble is a big no for Carolina Dogs as it is generally high in sugar. Feeding them food for allergies is a better idea, this generally consists of duck, venison etc.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Carolina Dog :

Carolina Dog Carolina Dog Carolina Dog Carolina Dog Carolina Dog Carolina Dog Carolina Dog

Information and Facts of Carolina Dog :

  1. The original name for this breed is Carolina Dog
  2. They are also called as American Dingo
  3. United States is the country of origin for this breed
  4. These are medium sized dogs
  5. This is a very primitive breed
  6. This dog has a lifespan of around 12 to 15 years
  7. They are generally 17.5in to 19.5in tall
  8. They weigh somewhere between 30 to 44 pounds
  9. Their coat color varies from various shades of red ginger to fawn, tan and black
  10. Carolina Dog puppy price is around $1200
  11. These are very active dogs
  12. Can be trained to become very good pets.