Catalan Sheepdog - Characteristics, Pictures, Facts, Information

This dog is famous for its herding capabilities and is considered as a best companion for those who are living alone. This dog appears bigger when you take a quick glance at it; originally it is of medium size and its goofy look is liked by so many people.

History and Health

  • History - This dog originally belongs to Europe and generally seen in Spain, Germany and Sweden. This dog didn’t expand its base till the mid eighteenth century. During the early nineteenth century, this dog expanded its base and now this dog is seen in every part of the world. This breed is extremely suitable for cold climatic regions and face difficulties in hot weather regions. In the olden days, this dog is used to protect sheep and is still being used as a guard dog for sheep farms.
  • Health - Hip dysplasia is one of the common diseases that are commonly observed in this breed. Even heredity and genetic disorders are common in this breed. Skin infections occur in rare occasions and one must give special emphasis on the health of this dog.

Temperament and Personality

  • Personality - It is a heavy duty dog despite its cute looks. One can easily train this breed and they try their level best to please their owners.
  • Activity Requirements - This breed loves playing with children. A minimum of half an hour walk is necessary to make this dog well balanced. Those who know firm exercise techniques, this dog can meet all your tasks.
  • Trainability - This dog needs to be socialized as early as possible and training must also start at early years. With proper training, it can win in obedience, showman ship and dog agility trail competitions. Events like tracking, fly ball and herding can also be easily inculcated in this breed.
  • Behavioral Traits - This dog is a rare kind of breed and considered as all round dog by many. It can guard well and at the same time, it can be playful with kids. It excels in sports and it is always cheerful.



Appearance and Grooming

  • Appearance - This dog is rectangular in shape. Its length is longer than its height. The male and female dogs look quite similar.
  • Size and Weight - Usually male dogs grow in the range of 47-55cms whereas female ones are a bit shorter and their range varies between 45-53cms. These dogs weigh in the range of 20-25kgs (in case of males) whereas the females weigh in between 17-21kgs.
  • Coat and Color - The coat of this breed is slightly long and it is either straight or slightly curvy. One can find the short haired version of this breed after heavy research. The short haired version became nearly extinct these days.
  • Grooming - Similar to all other heavy haired dogs, these dogs also need extensive grooming. One can experiment several styles with this breed and the hair can be easily combed. One needs to give special emphasis on the hair that is present in front part region of this dog as it generally obstructs the vision of the dog.
  • Body Type - This dog is neither muscular nor strong. One needs to treat it with extreme care as a strong force can also easily break its bones. All the limbs are covered with hair and the ears are long and hairy.

Catalan Sheepdog Characteristics

  • This dog is very intelligent.
  • Its maintenance is low when compared to other dedicated guard dogs.
  • It is easily trainable unlike other intelligent dogs.
  • With proper training, it can be used as a guard dog also.
  • Early socialization especially with children can make this dog extremely gentle.
  • This breed dogs are considered as excellent sport dogs.
  • Suitable for apartments and big estates alike. Most preferable place is a small backyard.
  • It can become a great companion to every individual.
  • It can become extreme friendly and each and every family member can easily play with it.
  • Faithfulness and loyalty are by birth inculcated in this breed.
  • Dedicated distraction and concentration training courses can improve dog’s abilities manifold.

Tasty Tidbits :

This dog defends its family and easily gets attached to it. It is very affectionate and even if you buy this dog at the age of five years also, this dog can become very affectionate with you unlike several other breeds. The shedding part of this breed is unique. First, the front part will shed heavily giving an impression of disease and after some time the rear part of the dog also starts shedding and the length of coat becomes uniform. This pattern is hard to see in other dogs.

Care :


Unlike other breeds, this breed requires extra care and the dog needs special care and affection from everyone in the family. Regular cleaning activities like brushing and cleaning must be done with extreme care. Use the comb regularly.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Catalan Sheepdog :

Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog Catalan Sheepdog


Feeding :

This dog is of medium size and its feeding requirements depend on geographical location. Usually two to two and half cups of quality feeding material is sufficient and it likes vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods alike. Even milk can be given once in two days as a part of its diet. This breed is hard to get in the hot climate areas and if your place is on a colder region and you need an ideal companion, this can be a perfect companion for you irrespective of your geographical location.

Information And Facts of Catalan Sheepdog

  1. The full name of this dog is Catalan Sheepdog.
  2. Other names for it include Gos d'Atura Català, Catalonian shepherd and Catalonian sheepdog.
  3. It originally belongs to Spain and Andorra regions of Europe.
  4. It is of medium size type.
  5. It has a life span of 12-14 years.
  6. It belongs to Pastoral breeding category.
  7. It is intelligent, protective and easily trainable.
  8. The height statistics varies from 48cms to 55cms in case of males.
  9. Female dogs with lesser height statistics usually seen in the range of 45-52cms.
  10. The average weight varies between 15kgs to 21kgs.
  11. It is available in Fawn, Black, Red, Grey, Brown and Sable colors.
  12. One needs to pay $550-750 to get the puppy of this breed.