Clumber Spaniel

The name of this dog came from the Clumber Park that is located in Nottinghamshire. This dog is extremely friendly with breeders and instructors and can become equally violent with strangers or unknowns.

History and Health

  • History :

The past history of this breed is unknown as this breed became popular after the mid 19th century only. This dog came to Canada in 1884 and the expanded its base to NorthAmerican continent. It became popularas several celebrities started to adopt this pet dog.

  • Health :

Most common health problems that it usually suffers include but not limited to hip dysplasia and spinal card herniation. Anal sacs are another important disease which is commonly seen in Clumber Spaniel. Eye problems like Entropion/Ectropion, dry-eye syndrome etc. is commonly observed inthis breed. Changes in facial structure, bacterial and fungal infectionsare also observed in this breed. Temporary lameness is another prominent disease that is common in this breed.

Temperament & Personality

  • Personality :

Clumber Spaniel is gentle, kind and affectionate towards the family which breeds the dog. It is considered as the heaviest and largest of all the Spaniel breeds.It is intelligent and thinks independently.

  • Activity Requirements :

This dog is very active while doing exercises. Brisk walk and slow jogging is ideal exercise for this dog. Half an hour activities in the morning andfifteen to twenty minutes play in the evening can easily meet the exercise requirements of this breed.

  • Trainability :

This dog is easily trainable and is used as a hunting dog by from long back. If the breeder is not authoritative they tend do whatever they want. It is better to be strict and hard in the initial stages of the training.

  • Behavioral Traits :

The behavior of this dog depends heavily on the breeder. If the breeder is passive or meek the dogs acts per their own will and if the owner is strict they always want to please their owner.


Appearance & Grooming

  • Appearance :

The appearance of this bog is simple. Its heavy bones can be clearly observed because of low fat. Broad face, large nose, wide chest, deep and sharp eyes, heavy and feathered neck are some of thedistinct features that will spell bound you.

  • Size and Weight :

The size of this dog varies between 41-51cms and the male and female dogs look almost similar. The weight of this dog varies from 55-85 pounds and the male dogs weigh a bit higher than female ones.

  • Coat & Color :

The coat of this breed is dense, fair and straight and of medium height. All the important body parts like ears, limbs, belly is moderately thick. The primary color available in this breed is white. The orange or lemon color markings present will add extra beauty to this breed.

  • Grooming :

One need not spend heavy amounts for parlors if you choose this breed. Grooming once in six months is more than enough and one must take extra care while choosing the styles as most of the styles won’t suit for this dog.

  • Body Type :

The body appears to be bony and the front part appears to be firm. The back part is strong and long and the wide chest adds extra beauty to it. Its ribs sprung well and the powerful hindquarters are worth mentioning.

Clumber Spaniel Characteristics

  • It constantly sheds hair and snoring is usually observed in this breed.
  • Its excessive drooling is not likedby many.
  • Health problems are more in this breed when compared to otherbreeds.
  • It is known for its high stamina but slow pace can be a cause of concern.
  • Clumbers are rare to find and they are hardly available these days.
  • They act like potato couch indoors and can become active outdoors.
  • Still used in hunting andacts as gun dog.
  • This breed dogs loves swimming like anything.
  • They like cool weather and tend to become uncomfortable in hot weathers.
  • Can easily mingle with other pets and with proper training this breed can live happily with cats and other birds also.
  • It barks very less making it an ideal companion for apartments and urban areas also.

Tasty Tidbits :

It is one of the first ten breeds that got recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club). It is the largest breed available in the Spaniel category. The name of this breed derived from the Clumber Parkwhichis located in England. Clum also refers to an ancient river that was flown through England.

Care :

When compared to other breeds, this breed needs extra care as it is prone to more infections and diseases. The cleaning process of this dog is a bit different and there are instances that theses dogs opening refrigerator doors and sleeping on kitchen tables etc. So, keeping an eye on the dog is very important as it can damage your valuable properties and can cause life threatening activities.Using comb or brush on soft hair is a good idea.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Clumber Spaniel :

Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel Clumber Spaniel

Feeding :

The process of feeding is important for any pet and in case of dogs one needs to plan very carefully,not only get the correct body structure but also for the proper development of immune system. Two to two and half cups of quality (branded) food is sufficient and one can give milk also (if needed).

Information and Facts of Clumber Spaniel

  1. It is popularly known as Clumber Spaniel.
  2. It is known as Culmber Spaniel only in most of the areas.
  3. It originally belongs to England.
  4. It is of medium size.
  5. It belongs to sporting dog breed (As per AKC standards).
  6. It can live up to 12 years.
  7. It is loyal, dignified, faithful and kind hearted.
  8. This dog can growup to 21 inches (in case of males).
  9. Female dogs reach heightsthat are in the range of 18-20inches.
  10. The weight range of dog breeds varies between 25-40kgs.
  11. It predominantly appears in white and bicolorvarieties like white & brown, white& orange are also available.
  12. One needs to have a minimum of $800 to get this puppy.