English Shepherd

An English Sheep dog is a medium size dog. These dogs have a sturdy balance in their physique. This breed of dogs has alert facial expressions. These herding dogs are also very smart. This black dog breed was mainly developed for speed and maneuverability. This breed of dogs is also recognized as the all-purpose dog breed. These dogs are not only the best herding dogs, but these are also the active working dogs.

History and Health :

  • History - This breed is known as the most versatile breed of dogs. The breed was originated in England in 17th century, and then it came to American colonies by the Scottish settlers. In American colonies, these dogs were mainly used for the protection of farms. They were greatly valued in the homes as guarding dogs because of their loyalty and wonderful companionship. An English shepherd is also named as a farm shepherd. This breed was descended from the collie-type dog breeds. In 1930, this breed of dog was registered with the UKC. It is also known as American Shepherd.
  • Health - Due to their medium size, these hunting dogs generally posses a good health. Different kinds of health issues that are common in the other dog breeds like Hip Dysplasia do not affect this healthy dog breed. Different genetic health disorders are common in this breed. However, rare cases of hip and elbow dysplasia have also been found. These dogs are very sensitive to the drugs and mostly suffer from drug allergies. Eye abnormalities and cataracts are also common in this breed.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality - This herding dog breed is a very active and a smart dog breed. This dog breed has been used for guarding farms and houses because of its activity and alert nature. These dogs are also the good companions as these have a friendly behavior. These also have high affection for the children. These dogs are very energetic and have a moderate temperament.
  • Activity Requirements - These all-purpose dogs have a higher level of activity. These are very clever and active dogs and are also very obedient to their masters. These can carry the heavy items in their teeth as well. For their high activity level, they need a regular exercise. Frequent lengthy walks are also very necessary for their good activity level.
  • Trainability - These herding dogs are very quick and sharp. It is not difficult to train these dogs. This dog breed learns everything quickly. Being obedient to their masters, it becomes easy for a master to train his dog in no time. This herding dog breed is very responsive. The owners feel no difficulty in training these excellent dogs.
  • Behavioral Traits - These dogs have an alert and a lively nature. They do any work while being fearless. Being very responsive, they act at once upon the commands of their masters. They have a high adaptability towards working instructions. Low heeling and sharp teeth are the major working characteristics of this working breed of dogs. These are also very loyal and social.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance - These dogs have a variable appearance. As compared to collie dog breed, this dog breed is larger in size. The breed has a medium size, but dogs in larger size are also found. These have an ideal weight. This hunting black dog breed is very powerful and has a thick body with a double coat. These dogs have an athletic and a muscular look with a long tail. Their head is large and thick. And the neck is slightly raised and the ears are wide and short. Eyes are brown in color. In short, this breed has a great character.
  • Size and Weight - Height of a male English Shepherd is 46-58 cm, and the height of a female English shepherd is also 46-58 cm. Weight of a male English shepherd is about 70-100 pounds, and the weight of a female English shepherd dog is 60-80 pounds.
  • Coat & Color - This dog breed is found in different colors like black and white, brindle, sable and white, black and tan. These dogs have a double thick coat. The thick double coat keeps the dogs safe from harsh environmental effects.
  • Grooming - These black dogs have heavy shedding. Therefore, this dog breed has high grooming requirements. For good grooming, 3-4 hours coat brushing is needed in a week. If you brush the coat daily, it is good.
  • Body Type - These dogs have a moderately build body. They have a wide chest with a leveled back. They do not have a square body type. These dogs have a longer body than their height. These have well sprung ribs and strong and deep lions.

Characteristics :

  • An English shepherd is affectionate to the kids.
  • This herding dog breed is friendly with other dogs.
  • This breed of dogs has a friendly behavior with the cats.
  • English shepherd dogs can be trained without much difficulty.
  • This black dog breed has a moderate adaptability.
  • An English Shepherd has heavy shedding.
  • These dogs are the best to be used as watch dogs.
  • English Shepherds need less grooming.
  • This herding dog breed is an intelligent dog breed.
  • These English Shepherds are popular.
  • This English Shepherd dog breed is not hypoallergenic.

Tasty Tidbits :

The dog lives good in long yards as this is a country dog. Due to heavy shedding, these dogs spread fur in spring season especially. Another distinctive feature of these dogs is their ringing bark.

Care :


These dogs posses a good health and have a double coat therefore; these do not have high caring requirements. Weekly brushing, balanced diet, and weekly bath are enough for their good care. Lengthy walks and daily exercise are also quite important.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of English Shepherd :

English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd English Shepherd

Feeding :

These are the working dogs and have a great desire for work. Therefore; these dogs have high feeding requirements. For maintaining good health of your dog, give your dog at least three meals a day.

Information And Facts of English Shepherd :

  1. Full name of this dog is English Shepherd.
  2. Other Names are Farm Collie, American Shepherd, American Collie, American Herder, Barnyard Collie, Cow Dog, and English Herder.
  3. Origin of this breed is United Kingdom and United States of America.
  4. English Shepherd is a medium dog breed.
  5. It is a herding dog breed (UKC).
  6. Average life span of English Shepherd is about 15 years.
  7. Height of a male English Shepherd is 18-23 inches, and the height of a female English shepherd is also 18-23 inches.
  8. Weight of a male English shepherd is 21-28 Kg, and the weight of female English shepherd is 18-23 Kg.
  9. This herding dog breed is found in many colors, i.e. black and white, brindle, sable and white, black and tan, and tri-color.
  10. Average price of an English Shepherd Puppy is $500.
  11. English sheep dogs are very active. Daily average sleep time of an English Shepherd is about six hours.
  12. This breed has been classified into black dog breed.