The Pug refers to a stocky, square, small, and thickest dog. It brings with it a massive head with a blunt, short, and square shaped muzzle. Most people consider moles that appear on its cheeks as beauty spots. Pug’s teeth meet in a relatively undershot bite. This dog has extremely dark, large, and prominent eyes. Its thin and small ears are either button or rose shaped. The face has deep and large wrinkles. The dog’s dewclaws are normally removed. The short coat is smooth, soft, and fine. Coat colors come in silver, black, fawn, and apricot. Its high set tail is usually curled over at the back.

History And Health :

  • History :

Unfortunately, Pug’s history is hardly attested to in much detail. However, early history indicates that modern Pugs are descendants of dogs from China imported to Europe. Similar dogs were more than popular during the famous Song Dynasty in Imperial Court.

  • Health :

In terms of health, Pug dogs have a high affinity to colds. They are normally stressed by cold and hot weather. These dogs are also prone to short muzzle and allergies, which contribute to chronic breathing problems. This makes them snore and wheeze. Poor ventilation has adverse effects on these dogs. They are prone to skin problems. Their adolescents suffer from brain inflammation.

Avoid overfeeding pugs. This is because they quickly turn out to be obese thus ending up living short lives. Its trachea as well as respiratory track is weak. This is brought about by the fact that its nose is very short. Because of this fact, ensure the dog receives timely treatment once coughing sets in. Anything contrary to this leads to serious conditions or even death in the worst-case scenario.


Temperament And Personality :

  • Personality :

Do not expect pugs to retrieve, guard, or hunt. These dogs are companions and they are great at this. They crave for affection, your lap, and devotion. He has a tendency to be a sedentary and is more than content sitting on your lap. He provides a great company as your grab your favorite movie or read a book. Do not get it all wrong, pug is not a stick in the mud. The dog can be quite comical and playful.

  • Activity Requirements :

Like any other dog, this dog needs early socialization. You need to expose him to different experiences, sounds, sights and people. This is especially true when they are young. Socialization ensures that the dog grows up to be all round. Taking him to stores and busy parks will be magical. The same is true to leisure strolls and introducing him to neighbors.

  • Trainability :

Pugs are easy to train and please. Nonetheless, they can turn out to be headstrong. To be successful with them, you must give them fun training because they easily get bored. Consistency is paramount. The reason for all these is mainly for the fact that this breed stands out as the most stubborn to train. For utmost efficiency, ensure you start your pug training at the earliest possible age.

  • Behavioral Traits :

In terms of behavior, it is important to note that the pug does not have any hard to get along traits. He is a great dog to be around with. Actually, children will fall in love with this dog. In addition to getting along with children, and owners, pugs are also great around other pets. He is patient, gentle, dependable, and very affectionate.

He is so into eating. Due to a pug’s flat face, he sneezes, snorts, snores and wheezes. All a pug needs is understanding from you. Be aware that he is overly sensitive to harsh commands and tones. Be careful because he can be willful and stubborn. Importantly to note is also the fact that he is also very high shedder.

Appearance And Grooming :

  • Appearance :

The pug is roughly twelve to fourteen inches tall. This is in respect to shoulders.

  • Size And Weight :

This dog weighs approximately fourteen to eighteen pounds.

  1. Male Dog Height :30 - 36 cm & Female Dog Height : 25 - 30 cm
  2. Male Dog Weight :6 - 9 kg & Female Dog Weight : 6 - 8 kg
  • Coat And Color :

He boasts of a smooth, short, and glossy coat.

  • Grooming :

When it comes to grooming, this dog’s coat requires occasional brushing. It is important to know that he sheds plenty of hair. For this reason, individuals must brush the dog daily in order to minimize the amount of fair around the home. To prevent any chances of infection, it is important to clean and dry facial wrinkles daily. As indicated, shedding occurs throughout so put measures to take care of this.

  • Body Type :

Its body is cobby and short. It is usually wide around the chest area and excellently ribbed up. The tail is tightly curled especially over the hip. The dog’s double curl is in its perfection.

Characteristics :

Shedding 3.5 star
Trainability 3 star
Dog friendly 5 star
Cat friendly 5 star
Good with Kids 4 star
Watchdog 4 star
Adaptability 5 star
Popularity 4.5 star
Grooming 1 star
Intelligence 4 Star
Hypoallergenic No

Tasty Tidbits :

This dog is born fat. He brings with him huge appetites so try to control his eating because too much eating can make him prone to a number of medical conditions top on the list being heart diseases.

Care :

of great importance to note is that pugs are indoor dogs. They are good with humidity and heat. One of the most incredible attributes about them is that they are incredibly low maintenance pets. They are happy around everyone including other animals thus making them excellent for the elderly and families.

They are also great companions if you live in apartment buildings because they are small and quiet. Due to their much energy, you should expect to be entertained at all time. They are rambunctious and playful. They are prone to snore, and therefore if you are a light sleeper, it would be prudent to invest in ear plugs.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Pug :

Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug Pug

Feeding :

When feeding pugs, ensure that they do not overeat. A portioned diet is highly recommended for this. Since they are active, exercises are not needed that much. The recommended daily food intake is between half and one cup of quality dry food that is divided into two meals.

Information and Facts of Pug :

  1. Pug is the dog’s common name
  2. Other names are Carlin, Mops, Mini Mastiff, Dutch mastiff, Dutch bulldog and Chinese Pug
  3. The two size types are Tiny and Small & little breeds
  4. The main breeding group is Toy dog breeds
  5. His lifespan is between twelve to fifteen years
  6. In regards to temperament, the dog is quiet, docile, charming, clever, sociable, attentive, stubborn and playful
  7. He measures between twenty five to twenty eight centimeters high
  8. He weighs around six to eight kilograms
  9. This dog comes in a variety of colors such as silver fawn, apricot, black and fawn
  10. The average puppy price is between $300 and $400
  11. The dog is a great family companion
  12. He is lively and full of fun