Griffon Bleu de Gascogne - Scent Hound Category Dog

Griffon bleu de Gascogne is a popular scent hound breed of Spain and France. Outside these two countries, the breed is rare. Many countries have started promoting this breed.  Historically and even today they were used for hunting wild boar. It can also be used to hunt hares and deer. Scent hound is a kind of breed category where the dog hunts by scent of its prey rather that sight. They have keen smelling sense. On hunting spot, they appear to be determined and fearless. The white and grey coat with dark markings gives the dog unique feature. Their docile nature and affectionate behavior towards family makes them the most sought after dog in Spain and France. The dog is also highly trainable and is a human pleasure. With other animals and children they tend to be amiable and friendly in nature. Apart from being an extraordinary hunting dog, they are also used for tracking.


It is an ancient breed and originated in France in the mountains of Pyrenees. The breed was developed by crossing Bleu de Gascogne and the Griffon Nivernais. Few experts believe that Grand Griffon Vendéen also contributed in its development. The breed is not so popular in the world. However people who want to pet unique dog, import the dog from France and Spain. It is an alert dog and excels in every kind of hunting games.


Griffon Bleu de Gascogne Characteristics

  1. The dog is originated from France
  2. It belongs to scent hound breed group
  3. The lifespan of the breed is 12-15 years
  4. They have an affectionate, fearless, protective, energetic and friendly temperament
  5. They stand at a height of 19.5-22.5 inches tall
  6. They weigh around 35-60 lbs
  7. They are extremely good with children
  8. Being taught to hunt in packs, they get along with other animals well
  9. They are suitable for active owners who can devote time to their dog
  10. They are highly trainable scent hound. Being sensitive in nature, cruel and harsh word can make the dog shy
  11. Do not leave the dog alone else it can develop separation anxiety
  12. The coat of the dog gives it unique appearance
  13. Price of the puppy is around $400 to $500
  14. They breed is not hypoallergenic in nature
  15. It possesses an extraordinary health and doesn’t suffer from any major health issues.


It is a medium sized breed with a distinctive coat. It is sturdily built up dog with rectangular proportionate body. The tail is bushy and is carried upward. Eyes are in oval shape and dark in color. Eyebrows tend to appear on the forehead.  The face is small with hanging ears that is set below the eyes. Muzzle is sloppy and small. Nose tends to be dark in color. The dog sports feather kind of coat. Overall appearance of the dog is kind and comical.

Size and Weight

The height of the dog is 19 to 22 inch and weight is around 35 to 60 lbs.

Coat and Color

The coat gives the dog unique appearance. None other dog possesses coat similar to this dog. Its coat is shaggy, feather like and dense. The coat is rough in texture.  The coat sports mottled black and white fur, often featuring black patches. Many dogs possess white mask on face and white markings on the lower parts of body i.e. legs, underbelly and under tail. 



  1. Personality - The dog is playful and energetic. It wants someone to play with it every time. It is patient and sweet with children and loves to have another dog at home. The breed is far from being shy and enjoys human company. They make people friend easily and are human oriented dogs. Because of this reason, they do not make good watch dogs.
  2. Behavior - The dog has a natural hunting instinct. It thrives well in farms and fenced yard. The dog should be kept away from non-canine pets else they can hunt them. They are outgoing in nature and love to get rubbed under their belly.
  3. Trainability - They are highly trainable. Because of this reason they are suitable for first time dog owners.  With kind behavior you can make the dog learn anything. However rudeness and cruelty should be avoided with this dog, else they can have psychological problems.
  4. Activities requirement - The dog loves to be outside and play in the fresh air. At least an hour of exercise is must for them.  Giving them activities that involve use of their nose will make them happy and bring you closer to dog. The dog can also be your running and jogging partner.


Puppies below one year should be given four bowls of food. Once they cross 1 year, they should be given three bowls per day. After two years of age, two bowls of food is sufficient for them. Make sure that you offer quality food to your dog. Do not over feed your dog. Keep fresh water at their place.


They live around 13 to 14 years of age.

Health issues

As they are ancient breeds, so they are strong and healthy. Common health problems are- hip and elbow dysplasia, blindness, bloat, ear infection, and tooth decay etc.



The dogs possess short hair which doesn’t require stripping or trimming. Brushing its coat will keep it healthy and free from debris. They shed moderately so it will also reduce the lose hair. Bath the dog only when required. Its ears are drooping so it has high chances of getting affected by dirt. Clean its ear regularly with vet approved solution. Trim its nail if you hear clicking sound on the floor.


They thrive well in moderate temperatures. They are not suitable for apartment life because of their high energy needs and rambunctious nature.

Pet Names

  1. Carmel
  2. Oscar
  3. Duke
  4. Henry
  5. Casper

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The breed is cheerful and playful around kids
  2. They make good friends with other animals
  3. They are easy to groom
  4. They are easy to train and suitable to first time dog owners
  5. Make great family companion and are protective of their family.


  1. The breed is not hypoallergenic in nature
  2. They are not suitable for apartment life
  3. They need committed owner who can fulfill its exercise
  4. They shed above average. For cleanliness obsessed people, this is not the right dog
  5. They are prone to get ear infection.