Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler is a tiny breed of dog. This dog has been listed with the kennel club as a “vulnerable breed” in the year 2006.This little breed is developed for exercise as a drover & herder of cattle. Its native breed UK has less than 300 registrations of birth per year. Lancashire Heeler has been well known in its home nation from last 100 years as a common purpose farm dog and able to ratting and herding cattle.

History and Health :

  • History :

In an Ormskirk region, a sort of black and tan terrier color dog called Manchester Terrier, but now it is known as a Lancashire Heeler. So many dedicated breeders are trying to save this breed from possible loss. In 2007, this breed had decreased further to 146. They were found to be attentive, active and untiring workers and became famous working dogs on Lancashire region farms. The origin of this breed is uncertain, but it is believed that Lancashire Heeler is a cross breed between a Manchester Terrier and a Welsh Corgi.

  • Health :

With good health, Lancashire Heeler can live between 10-16 years of age. There are some hereditary issues. Many inherited issues in dogs are normally found in the eyes. That is why, it is very essential to have your Lancashire Heeler’s eyes tested, by an eye-expert. There are two issues, which are normally occurring in this breed. Collie Eye Anomaly is a condition that a Lancashire Heeler is born with. And the second one is a Primary Lens Luxation issue, which affects lots of breeds including Heeler. So make sure your cute breed is having an eye check up on regular intervals of time.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

Many of the dog owners simply describe them in four words intelligent, witty, friendly and alert.

  • Activity Requirements :

This dog is very intelligent and ultimately able to learn new things and command very easily. This dog is one of the most adventurous breeds among all. They like to do activities like Flyball, herding events, Agility and Heelwork to music.

  • Trainability :

Lancashire Heeler is a rapid learner. Lancashire Heeler is recognized as a herding breed, but can do various tasks as well.

  • Behavioral Traits :

It can be a retriever, an outstanding hunting dog and has been used as a kind dog that regularly helps a citizen with disabilities.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

It has tiny legs and a lengthy body. Lancashire Heeler has a thick tail that flows smoothly from the straight back. They have long ears, soft skull shape in between them. The eyes have normal size, dark and round shape.

  • Size and Weight :

The height of the Heeler is up to 12 inches, and the female is an inch shorter. The weight of the Heeler is up to 5.9 kg.

  • Coat & Color :

They have a shiny coat that can be black or liver colored along with brown markings.

  • Grooming :

The hair is a little long near the neck. The coat is weather- resistant and need low maintenance. The Lancashire Heeler is a regular dog and requires nominal grooming. Combing once a day will assist control shedding and maintain the delicate condition of the coat.

  • Body Type :

It has a lengthy body, and it weighs up to 5.9 kg.

Characteristics :

  • They are very friendly to Kids .
  • They are very much Cat friendly.
  • They are not very much accustomed to other dogs.
  • They are not very hard to train.
  • They have moderate Shedding.
  • They are moderate watchdogs.
  • They have good Intelligence.
  • They do not groom well.
  • They are not very much common.
  • They are excellent in Adapting in places where they are taken.
  • They are not hypoallergenic.

Lancashire Heelers are exceptionally cordial and are agreeable to individuals, yet once in a while, if not socialized rightly, some may hint at anxiety. Particularly when on the lead; They may be sharp with different puppies as in all breeds they profit incredibly from right on time socialization with individuals and pooches.

Tasty Tidbits :

Lancashire Heeler is smart, brisk with the free and natural environment. This dog is good for apartment living. Lancashire Heeler is very energetic and will perform satisfactory without a yard as long as he has properly worked out. This dog will perform acceptably in cool climatic condition as long as it has a good shelter.

Care :

Lancashire Heeler is a fairly low maintenance breed. Some masters likes to wash their pet twice in a week, but this breed needs proper cleaning or combing once in a day to remove dead hair. Do this twice a week, and the grooming requirements are covered. The significant investment in terms of time needed to own this breed is that of work out.

A tiny dog with fairly great exercise requirements, the Heeler wants a good long walk at least once a day to keep him healthy, fit and stimulated. Lancashire Heeler may put effort to heel and herd family members, including cats. This dog is very trainable, but can be mulish, so you need to keep patience and firm leadership. Lancashire Heelers can be worried, particularly if they have not worked out enough, and this dog can be socialized with different pets and people early on.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Lancashire Heeler :

Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler

Feeding :

Feeding requirements of this dog are very easy and cheap to feed. They can eat anything, whatever you will give them to eat. But the most important things are that you need to feed them on time and always give a healthy food, so that their body will not get stiff and they will be energetic as always. This type of dog likes to have their meal twice a day. In order to keep the dog fit and healthy, proper feeding is very necessary. Lancashire Heeler is not choosy in eating food. This dog can eat anything related to soft diet. As we know that this breed likes to work out, so we need to give him a healthy food as a pedigree or proper dog food. Healthy diet makes a dog smarter and super active.

Information & Facts of Lancashire Heeler :

  1. Its full name is Lancashire Heeler.
  2. Its other name is Ormskirk Heeler or Ormskirk Terrier.
  3. Its probable Origin is in England.
  4. It is a Small size breed.
  5. Theirs breeding group is Herding dog breeds. (UKC)
  6. It lives for 12 to 16 years.
  7. It has a height of 10 to12 inches.(25-31 cm)
  8. It weighs 2.7 to 5.9 kg.
  9. It is Black & Tan or Liver & Tan in color.
  10. A puppy goes for an estimate of $1100 to $1500 USD.
  11. It needs to sleep for an average of 14 hours a day.
  12. It does not have lower classifications.