Treeing Walker Coonhound

The Treeing Walker Coonhound is a dog with an extremely friendly nature. It is a favourite pet for small children because of its jolly, playful nature. Its unique tricolour pattern of the coat makes it a truly unique looking and pretty dog. However, it is known to be very curious by nature and can get distracted and run off.

History and Health :

  • History – The progenitors of Treeing Walker Coonhound were the English Foxhound breed of dogs. However, he gets his unique name from Thomas Walker who was the first man to import the English Foxhound to Virginia, USA. In the 19th century, the English Foxhound was crossed with a Tennessee Lead dog breed which gave birth to the Treeing Walker Coonhound.
  • Health – The Treeing Walker Coonhound is regarded as a healthy breed of dogs. However, since they are often used for hunting etc., they may develop wounds from running through dense undergrowth. Also, they are prone hip dysplasia.

Temperament and Personality :

  • Personality – Most dogs of this breed are extremely energetic and playful. They are especially great around kids as they are not only affectionate by nature but also have a protective instinct. The genes of Treeing Walker Coonhound are inbuilt for hunting activities and therefore it is quite famous for its speed and ability to locate things.
  • Activity Requirements – This breed of dogs was very popular for hunting and therefore it was bred for more physical exercise than a normal breed. They need at least a long brisk walk on a daily basis. They can meet the other activity requirements by exercising on their own if they have a garden or yard to play in but make sure that your dog doesn’t run away while doing so.
  • Trainability – The Treeing Walker Coonhound is not very difficult to train since by nature it is the kind of breed who loves to please their owner.
  • Behavioural Traits – The Treeing Walker Coonhound is generally a very loving and affectionate dog. However he has natural hunting instincts which can cause trouble if there are other pets like cats or rabbits in the house as he can start regarding them as his prey.

Appearance and Grooming :

  • Appearance – This breed can be most easily identified because of their beautiful tricolour coat of white, black and tan. His ears are a little big for his head and the lower jaw tends to hang down or protrude distinctively.
  • Size and Weight – Treeing Walker Coonhound is generally 51-69 cms in height and weighs about 50-70 pounds (23-32 kg).
  • Coat and Colour – This dog stands out from other dogs because of his glossy coat which comprises of a pattern of white, black and tan. Very often, the tan trimmings or the black markings on his back are referred to as a saddleback or blanketback pattern.
  • Grooming – This dog does not require any special grooming. A brush down of the coat once a weak will be enough. Also, make sure to check for any infections in the skin from time to time.
  • Body Type – This breed of dogs has a strong but lean body which make them ideal hunting companions as they can run fast and can pass through dense undergrowth in a forest. Their shoulders are powerful and mobile to give them agility while the forelegs are straight and lean which help these dogs in running very fast.

Characteristics :

  • He is a good companion for kids due to his playful nature.
  • He is always eager to please his owners and therefore easy to train.
  • He is very outgoing and loves to socialize.
  • He has a short attention span and gets distracted easily.
  • He is not a good choice for a watch dog or guard dog.
  • He needs a lot of physical exercise on a daily basis.
  • He is not at all apartment friendly and wants a house with a yard or garden.
  • He tends to run away from home if his attention latches on to something.
  • He can really be a nuisance when he starts barking as he won’t stop soon.
  • He is not good with other house pets as he can treat them as his prey.
  • He is an average shedder.

Tasty Tidbits :

With a little training, these dogs can even be taught to climb trees, a feat virtually unachievable for most other breeds of dogs.

Care :


The most important factor to be kept in mind with the Treeing Walker Coonhound is that they must get enough physical exercise. If they lack exercise, they can get quite destructive and may even run away. They cannot stay in the confines of an apartment and must have a yard to play in. They also require constant socializing, especially when they are puppies and so they simply hate it if they are left alone at home all day by the owners.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Treeing Walker Coonhound :

Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound Treeing Walker Coonhound

Feeding :

A high quality dry kibble diet is best for this dog. The quantity of food depends on how much exercise the dog is getting. If he is being used for activities like hunting, he will need a much higher quantity of diet which should be rich in protein and fat.

Information And Facts of Treeing Walker Coonhound :

  1. The full name is Treeing Walker Coonhound.
  2. It does not have any other popular names by which it is known.
  3. Its origins are in England as they are descendants of the English Foxhound.
  4. It falls in the category of small to medium sized dogs.
  5. This dog comes in the Hound breed group.
  6. On an average, it has a lifespan of 12 to 13 years.
  7. The average height of a male dog is 22 to 27 inches, while that of a female dog is 20 to 25 inches.
  8. The weight of this dog can range between 45-80 pounds depending on the height with females generally weighing lesser than male dogs.
  9. It has a tri colour coat pattern which can either be white with black and tan markings or black with white and brown markings.
  10. A Treeing Walker Coonhound puppy can cost anywhere between $300 to $700.
  11. He needs daily exercise and has a tendency to run off on his own if he does not get the required amount of exercise.
  12. In terms of temperament, he is extremely child friendly and playful.