The Barbet is also known as the French water Dog. He is extremely versatile. This medium sized dog is sporty. He is natural retriever of the water fowl. The dog has also come in handy on taking care of livestock.

History and Health :

  • History :

This is an extremely old breed. His origins are not that clear. He got his name during the sixteenth century. The dog was used for purposes of hunting. The Poodle is believed to be one of the descendants of this dog.

  • Health :

This breed displays a number of genetic conditions. Some of the conditions that can affect your dog include Canine Hip Dysplasia, Hernia, Epilepsy, Elbow Dysplasia, Ear infections and under/overshot bites.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

This dog is intelligent, obedient, goofy, joyful, and companionable. They are very quick in learning. Training them is easy because they are very obedient. You can count of their friendship with elderly, families, and children. They are versatile. The dogs have a heart for helping people. They are great at treating and caring for the blind and disabled. The Barbet is extremely smart. He is strong and impulsive. You can rely on him anytime you have any task to do. He prefers to be around those he loves. His high energy levels demand that you take him for exercises every day. It helps maintain a good state of both body and mind.

  • Activity Requirements :

Barbet is very active. They enjoy working and playing. This is where they make excellent use of their high sense of smell, stamina, intelligence, and agility.

  • Trainability :

The fact that this dog is highly intelligence and quick to learn means that he is easy to train. Training him is always fun. Just make sure you do not become too harsh on him.

  • Behavioral Traits :

This dog is well behaved generally. He can only become ill mannered when he is idle without anything to do. Ensure that he is busy at all times. This goes miles in getting rid of boredom, loneliness, and bad behavior.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

This breed brings with it a long coat that offers maximum protection. Interbreeding with other dog races means that some Barbets have poor quality hair. If the coat resembles that of a poodle, then it certainly means that it is of low quality. The dog can be of many colors like white, pale fawn, grey, fawn, brown, and black. You can also get him in shades of pale fawn or red fawn. Most of the times, the shade resembles the body color. Color grey is rare. Your dog is faulty if he comes in mixed colors. The most common colors are brown or black with white markings. His body is well proportioned and built. It is also firm. The breed also has a strong and round head. His chest is well built. The dog’s tail is low set.

  • Size and weight :

The Barbet male normally stands at twenty two to twenty five inches tall by the shoulder. The female on the other hand stands at twenty to twenty four inches tall. Barbets approximately weigh between thirty seven to sixty two pounds.

  • Coat & Color :

When it comes to the dog’s coat, it is important to note that a Barbet’s coat is waterproof and long. It usually ranges from curly to wavy. You can get him in colors such as white, red fawn, pale fawn, fawn, brown, gray, and solid black. Combing and brushing of the coat on a daily basis is highly encouraged. This is quite magical in preventing formation of mats. His coat has an affinity of picking leaves, twigs, and burrs. This makes daily grooming necessary. For easy and stress free maintenance, some owners normally choose to have a short or clipped coat. The best news is that this breed normally sheds little. It is an ideal dog for individuals with allergies.

  • Grooming :

Barbets are low shedding. This makes them ideal for anyone with allergies. Occasionally, it is advisable to take the dogs to professional groomers to avoid being too shaggy. Weekly grooming is magical in preventing building up of mats. You should also clean these dogs weekly to prevent infections because of their hairy and floppy ears.

  • Body Type :

The Barbet is tall, compact, hairy, and strong.

Barbet Characteristics :

  • The dog is great with kids
  • He is also cat friendly
  • Barbet does not mind the company of other dogs
  • He is easy to train
  • The dog is low shedding
  • He is an excellent watchdog
  • He is highly intelligent
  • He requires maximum grooming
  • He is very popular
  • He is easy to adapt to new environments
  • It is a YES when it comes to hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits :

The dog brings with him huge food appetites therefore ensure he has food at all times.

Care :

Caring for this dog is very easy.

Feeding :

When choosing the type of food to give your dog, becoming confused and/or alarmed is common. The best thing to remember is that your dog needs quality food. Anything short of quality food can adversely affect the general health of your dog. It is also important to know right quantity to present to your pet. Factors such as size, metabolism, and activity level all play an important role in determining the right quantity to give your Barbet.

You can give him/her meals two or three times in a day. This will go miles in ensuring that the dog remains in the best active condition. Quality food is also important to the health of your dog. Moreover, do not change the type of food your dog consumes at once. If you have plans of changing the meal, make sure that it is a gradual process.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Barbet :

Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet Barbet

Information and Facts of Barbet :

  1. Barbet is the dog’s full name
  2. French water dog is his other name
  3. France is the country of origin
  4. The Size Type is Medium Dog Breeds
  5. The Breed Group is Gun dog breeds (UKC)
  6. He has a lifespan of thirteen to fifteen years
  7. The dog is joyful, companionable, obedient and intelligent
  8. The female stands at twenty to twenty four inches tall while the male stands at twenty two to twenty six inches tall
  9. The female weighs seventeen to twenty eight kilograms
  10. The male weighs between seventeen to twenty nine kilograms
  11. You can get him in colors such as white, brown, grey, black and fawn
  12. The average puppy price is $500-$1000.