Irish Red and White Setter - Temperament, Facts, Puppies

Irish Red and White Setter is a gundog breed. As the name suggests the dog has elegant red-white color coat. Earlier they were considered as same breed as Irish terriers but got separated when the breeders started focusing on red and white color dog. This breed is fierce hunter and a loving companion. They also excel in dog’s sports game. They make great pal to older children who can stand up to their level of rowdiness. This dog should be given lots of room to run and play. A house accompanied with yard is the perfect place for it. You need to be patient and consistent in training them. Be sure to engage to your dog to work. He needs to be exhausted to live happily inside home. They are powerful dog with jest for living fruitfully instead of being a couch potato and doing nothing.


Irish Red and White Setter originated in the mid-17th century. This breed came before Irish setters. Artworks and scriptures depicted this breed as hunter. This breed declined in number when people started favoring pure red Irish setter with no white marking. At the time World War I, only meager Irish Red and White Setter breeds were left. Huston and Dr. Elliott was responsible for reviving the breed. As the breed got bounce to life and increased in number, they started importing this breed to other European countries. Later a married couple, Will Cuddy and Maureen Cuddy established a club for this breed and helped it to get register in Ireland kennel club. This breed was registered separately from Irish terrier. Today it is one of the popular breeds in USA.


Irish Red and White Setter Facts And Characteristics

  1. The breed belongs to Ireland and is a bird dog
  2. It excels in dogs sports related to agility, stamina, obedience and rally
  3. Life expectancy of this breed is 10 – 13 years
  4. It comes in red and white color
  5. It is a playful, energetic, loyal, lively, courageous and workaholic dog
  6. Height of the breed is 62–66 cm
  7. It weighs around 25–34 kg
  8. It is not a hypoallergenic breed
  9. The dog is suitable for active family who can provide it great deal of exercise
  10. It is a perfect breed for older children as it enjoys playing with them. Toddlers can be rough handed by them
  11. The dog is not recommended for apartment life as they are buzzing with energy even inside home
  12. They are average shedders and requires daily brushing of coat
  13. The dog is average in training, result will come gradually
  14. Price of the puppy is $800 - $1000 USD.


The dog has a balanced appearance with strongly built up muscular body. This dog looks different from his cousin Irish setter. It is heavier in weight and has broader skull. It ears are moderately long and is set at the level of eyes. Its eyes are round and expressive. They are either brown or hazel in color. It has a square shaped muzzle and level bite teeth. They have well arched and long neck. The dog has a non-sloping topline. Front legs are straight and hind legs are short and wide which helps the dog force and strength. The dog should have speckles on its face. The dog has an aristocratic look, kind and intelligent expression on its face.

Size and Weight

Average height of the male breed should be 62–66 cm and female breed should be 56–61 cm tall. Both the gender should weigh around 25–34 kg.

Coat and Color

The dog has a short and flat coat with silky featherings. Feathering can be seen on ears, neck, tummy, tail, thighs and chest. The hair of the dog shouldn’t be curly, slight wave is permissible. The dog comes in combination color of white and red. White should be the ground color with red patches.



  1. Personality - They are devoted and affectionate family dog. The dog thrives in a spacious home where it has got lot of space for its energy outlet. It makes perfect breed to active family. Once the dog’s reach maturity, desire to work increases. Keep the dog engaged with some sort of activity. It is a good natured dog and suitable for adult children because they know how to respect their private space. Younger children are timid in front of this breed and may act roughly with them.
  2. Behavior - The dog has a kind and friendly demeanor. They do not make reliable guard dog because they are too sweet with human beings. In fact this breed loves the new face inside home. They even form strong bonds with other animals. They love playing and interacting with other animals. The dog has a strong prey drive especially towards birds. It can even catch birds flying few inches above from ground. The dog is a great jumper and has tireless energy in its body. It excels in pointing, retrieving and hunting games. Apart from being a proficient hunter, it also excels in obedience training and dog’s sports.
  3. Activities requirement - The dog needs plenty of exercise to have a happy day. Take the dog for long walk or allow it to run freely in an open field. Of course, if you do not pursue hunting with the dog, its exercise duration will increase. The dog loves to play hide and seek and fetch games.
  4. Trainability - Its training should begin at an early age. A strong headed dog becomes difficult to manage. Expose your dog to new people, animal, place and sound to have a calm headed dog inside home. Teach your dog, the proper way to greet people and to behave patiently with kids.


As it is an active breed so its diet should be rich in protein and carbohydrates. Feed your dog chicken, turkey, beef, bison, venison, lamb, and fish. In order to provide it basic nutrition and minerals, you can also feed it raw vegetables and fruits. Occasionally you can give yoghurt to your dog.


This breed can live up to 10 to 13 years.

Health issues

It is not hypoallergenic breed. Minor health concerns common to all dogs’ are- hip dysplasia, Posterior Polar Cataract, Von Will brand’s Disease etc.



The dog is moderately easy to groom. It sheds averagely. Brush its coat after every alternate day to maintain its natural appearance. Trimming is required to give a presentable look to the dog. Bathe the dog as necessary. Clean its ears with vet approved solution. Trim the dog’s nails periodically and brush its teeth daily to avoid any dental issues.


The dog thrives in an open environment where it has got enough space to run and express itself freely. Being a single coat dog, it cannot survive extreme climatic conditions.

Pet Names

  1. Rain
  2. Raja
  3. Rickoo
  4. Cheetu
  5. Kaddu

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. The dog is proficient in hunting birds
  2. It is a kind and loving dog that is extremely loyal to its family
  3. It is an animal friendly dog.


  1. The dog is not hypoallergenic
  2. It doesn’t make reliable watchdog and guard dog
  3. Not a suitable breed for toddlers.