Korean Jindo

Native to the Jindo Island, South Korea this dog is of medium size and considered as spitz type. It was earlier adopted by man for the hunting purpose. The unique ability of this dog is, it can hunt small species like rodents and big animals like deer alike. It is used in multitasks by the Korean people and it has several similarities with smaller Shiba Inu and the larger Akita. The Jindo breed got its recognition in 1998 where as the international reputation by Fédération Cynologique was given in 2005. This dog is known for its brave capabilities and is used by police and military personnel also.

History and Health :

  • History - This breed was serving mankind from long back and confined to the Korean region till 18th century. From the early days of 19th century, the expansion of this dog took place and one can see this dog in almost all parts of the world now a days.
  • Health - This breed is comparatively healthier than when compared to other breeds and one need to take care of hypothyroidism so that it can lead a happily life. The medical expenses for this dog are relatively less.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality - It is very loyal to the first handler and the same loyalty cannot be expected to second handlers.
  • Activity Requirements - Jogging for twenty minutes or walking for thirty to forty minutes can meet the daily exercise requirements of this breed. This is very active while performing exercises and whatever the tasks you assign to it, it performs really well.
  • Trainability - It is hard to keep them in service if their first trainer resigns from him service. They always look for their first trainer and obey his command only with 100% loyalty.
  • Behavioral Traits - These are perfect as pet dogs and can perform variety of tasks to please their owners.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance - Jindo dogs are sturdily built with triangular shaped head. Males and females are distinct in appearance (female dogs head looks like fox head) and their physical parameters also vary significantly.
  • Size and Weight - There is a significant difference in height and weight parameters of male and female dogs. Here is the height and weight statistics, the male ones are 20–22 inches (50–55 cm) and weigh 18-23 kgs, whereas the female ones are 18–20 inches (45–50 cm) and weigh 15–19 kgs.
  • Coat & Color - The fur is double coated and it is mostly suitable for warm weathers only because of low dense coat.
  • Grooming - One need not spend heavy amounts for grooming as grooming once in six months is more than enough to keep it clean and handsome.
  • Body Type - Though the body is lean, it is muscular when compared to normal breeds.

Characteristics :

  • It is very affectionate with the ones who express love towards it and it can become equally dangerous for strangers.
  • Used by military and police personal because of its high hunting instincts. This itself shows its energy and strength.
  • Jindos are known for their loyal nature and an incident which was happened in 1993 made this breed a star overnight. (A dog travelled more than 300 kms to reach its old owner).
  • Though they are popularly known for their brave nature, they are more kind at heart and gentle.
  • They are very loyal to their breeders and there are several instances where the dog didn’t eat anything unless the breeder eats.
  • Military personnel often complain about escape episodes of the Jindo dogs but in reality they reach their first breeder who trained them for military services.
  • Even the Los Angeles police department tried to adopt Jindo puppies for their services along with the German Shepherds but later discontinued this idea saying that they are more interested in pleasing the owners than performing the duties.
  • They can easily mingle with other breeds also.
  • Its cunning abilities in hunting are well appreciated all over the world. Their hunting tactics and ability are of very high standards and three Jindo dogs can kill a Serbian tiger (This incident rally happened some years back).

Tasty Tidbits :

If you are a hunting lover and want a reliable and loyal dog who can observe all your surroundings, then you can’t get a perfect dog other than Jindo. Though there is no written record about services of Jindo breed to mankind, as per reliable sources this breed is serving the mankind from centuries.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Korean Jindo :


Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo Korean Jindo

Care :

No special care is needed as Korean Jindos are strong and immune to most of the problems. Cleaning and other tasks also require very less time when compared to other breeds.

Feeding :

Food appetite is very high for Korean Jindos and they eat extra food when compared to its size. If you want to use Korean Jindo as pet dog then 2.25 to 2.75 cups of food is enough and if you want to use Jindo for other purposes like high workouts, increase the quantity by half cup so that it can meet the energy requirements. Divide the meal into three parts and it is better to give at least 4 hours of gap between two successive meals.

Information And Facts of Korean Jindo :

  1. The full name of this breed is Korean Jindo.
  2. This is popularly known as Chindo, Jindo, JindoGae and Jin dog.
  3. As the name itself suggests, it originally belongs to Jindo Island in the South Korean region.
  4. The life span of this dog varies from region to region and may range from 10 to 14 years.
  5. It is of medium size type.
  6. As per AKC breeding group, this dog belongs to non-sporting breed.
  7. It is intelligent, bold, faithful and brave.
  8. Coming to the height statistics, the male ones are 20–22 inches (50–55 cm) in height.
  9. Female ones usually seen in the range of 18–20 inches (45–50 cm).
  10. Coming to weight statistics, the male one weighs 18-23 kgs whereas the female one weighs 15–19 kgs.
  11. This breed is available in several colors and one can choose from grey, brindle, black & tan, black, red fawn and white.
  12. One can get this dog for a price tag of $500-800.