Giant Schnauzer - The Largest Schnauzer Breed

Giant Schnauzer is the largest breed among other three Schnauzer breed- Standard Schnauzer and the Miniature Schnauzer. It is a herding dog that helps farmers and ranchers by driving livestock to market place. It also protects farmers’ property. When the dog transferred to city it assists people by guarding butcher’s shop, factories, stocks and breweries. During World War I and II it was also used as military dogs. Other names for this breed are- Munich Schnauzer, Munchener, Russian Bear Schnauzer. Today this breed is domesticated for its loyal and affectionate companionship with humans. It is also used as police dogs in search and rescue mission. The dog is mostly available in solid black color. It has a commanding demeanor with rugged appearance. Because of its extremely smart mind it loves those tasks that are challenging and involves mental stimulation of it.


It is a recent developed breed. This breed belongs to Germany. It is believed that the dog was developed by cross mating the Standard Schnauzer, Boxers, rough-haired sheepdogs, German shepherd and the black Great Dane. Historically they were used on farms for herding cattle and protecting livestock of farmers. Later on they were used as police dog. In 1962, breed’s club was also formed in America. This dog is not used as military or police dogs in America because German Shepherds beat them in it.


Giant Schnauzer Characteristics & Facts

  1. They are energetic breed and requires minimum 1 hour of exercise
  2. The breed belongs to Bavaria, Germany and is a working class breed
  3. Socialization lessons are must for this breed as they tend to be territorial in nature and aggressive towards strangers
  4. They are family dogs and should live inside the house
  5. A large fenced yard is suitable place of living for this breed
  6. Lifespan of this breed is around 12 to 15 years
  7. This breed is hypoallergenic in nature
  8. The breed height is around 65–70 cm
  9. this breed weighs around 27–48 kg
  10. They are loyal, protective, dominant and affectionate in nature
  11. They are either black in nature or salt and pepper
  12. It is necessary to strip and clip its coat to give it neat appearance
  13. Cost of this breed is around $1000 to $1500.


This breed is a larger version of standard Schnauzer. They have robust and compact body structure. Eyebrows, whiskers and beard give this dog unique appearance. They have button like eyes which is black in color. Ears may or may not be cropped but tail is essentially cropped. Overall shape of its body is square and has thoughtful expression on its face.

Size and Weight

Average height of the male is 25.5 to 27.5 inches while the female stands at 23.5 to 25.5 inches. Average weight of both the genders lies between 75 pounds to 95 pounds.

Coat and Color

They sport a harsh and rough coat that stands up from the skin. Outer coat is dense and coarse to touch and undercoat is soft to touch. Eyebrows, moustache and beard can also be seen on its face. Coat is solid black in color or salt and pepper color that looks grey at a distant.



  1. Personality - This breed is highly territorial and protective in nature. It doesn’t like to see new face in the house. It is suspicious of strangers and can turn aggressive towards them. Sowing seeds of socialization at the time of childhood is must for this breed. With family it has a sweet and kind temperament. It is a cheerful breed that loves to play with kids. It is a loyal and lovable breed that brings tears of joy to family members. When its family is in danger, this breed will not think twice before sacrificing life for them.
  2. Behavior - Aggression is a common trait in this breed. You need to teach your dogs about who are the welcoming guests. They have high instinct to chase small animals. Cats and other small animals should be kept away from this breed. You should never bring same gender dog in your house if your Giant Schnauzer is a male.  With family members they tend to be well mannered. They also tend to show destructive behavior if their exercise demands are not met by the owner.
  3. Trainability - Being extremely smart breeds, you can teach your dog anything that is animally possible to learn. This dog can be a herding dog, service dog, watch dog, guard dog and police dog. Only thing you have to take care is not to go cruel on this dog. They tend to be sensitive in nature and teaching them anything through force goes in vain. Positive reinforcement with consistency in training is the key to train them.
  4. Activities Requirements - Being a working class dog, they have high drive of working and taking their energy out. You should give at least an hour of regular exercise to this breed. Various dog games like running, crossing the hurdles are the best source of entertainment to them. This dog possesses great agility and endurance and can be your jogging or running partner.


In the morning you can give it premium dog food soaked in hot water of yogurt. In the evening you can give it barf diet that includes raw meat, bacon, lamb and beef. Its diet should be rich in calcium that can give its joints and muscles strength. Garlic should be included in diet as it helps to keep the bad smell found in dogs at bay. Cold pressed flaxseed contains fat which help the dog in metabolism.


This breed has a lifespan of about 12 to 14 years.

Health issues

It is hypoallergenic breed. Dog is prone to some of health problem. Studies have shown that skin allergies and skin cancer are the common health problem in this breed which is the reason for its early death. Apart from this, it can suffer from joint and muscles problems like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia. Dogs can also suffer from eyes problems like cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy.


Grooming and Care

The Giant Schnauzer's coat should be brushed with a stiff bristle brush every alternate day to remove debris from its coat and mats. Its coat should be stripped every 4 to 6 months to foster development of healthy hair. You can also clip its hair but that requires more effort and also regular clipping can change the texture of its coat leading to more hair fall. It is recommended to daily comb its facial hair else it can look messy and tangled hair becomes painful to comb. You can also trim its beard and moustache to give it a clean look. Bath the dog once a month to avoid foul odor. Trimming its nails and brushing its teeth are other grooming essentials.


The dog thrives in a house accompanied with yard that is fenced. It can survive in extreme cold climates and moderate hot temperature.

Pet Names

  1. Jolly
  2. Beauty
  3. Blacky
  4. Donny
  5. Bonnie

Things To Consider Before Buying


  1. It is a versatile working class dog
  2. One of the most sought after dog for guarding properties
  3. It is lovable and even tempered and makes great family dog.


  1. The dog is prone to suffer from skin allergies
  2. It is not a suitable dog for inactive owners who have less to no time for their dog
  3. Grooming needs of this dog is high. You need periodical stripping and clipping of its hair.