Sar is a breed of sheep guarding dog whose roots are in Serbia. He was developed for purposes of protecting personal property as well as livestock. He brings with huge working abilities. He also boasts of temperamental soundness. Sar is very large. He boasts of dense hair, which covers the entire body. Normally, the dog’s coat grows to approximately four inches or ten centimeters in terms of length. As it grows, it is normal for the hair to be bushy and curvy. Feathering is very common in the underbelly and legs as well. His thick fur normally makes this dog to be more than husky when it comes to his appearance. His nose normally looks large although it does not protrude. He has extremely well muscle forearms. One great attribute about this dog is the fact that he is very keen.

History and Health :

  • History :

Sar hails from the southern part of Kosovo in Serbia. This is Macedonia’s northwestern region. These dogs were bred for purposes of working in the mountains. The FCI registered this breed in the year 1939. In the year 1954, the same institution accepted the change of name of the dog. After this change of name, the dog was now acceptable in both countries, that is, Macedonia and Serbia. To this date, this dog has spread in plenty of areas and regions throughout the world. Actually, exports of this dog are still taking to countries such as Canada and United States of America. Future tests are still being carried out on this dog.

  • Health :

The overall health condition of this dog is great. No health condition can be attributed to this dog. It is more than important that the prospective buyers seek for medical reports from sellers or breeders of the dog. A medical report can give you comprehensive report about the health conditions of the dog. This will surely be of great help in assisting you prepare for either the best or worst of any medical related problems about to come your way. The best thing is that not much can be said about the dog in terms of suffering from any condition.

Temperament & Personality :

  • Personality :

These puppies normally grow to become excellent flock guarding dogs. Unlike most of other breeds, it is important to note that this dog is normally not affectionate towards her master. The dog really loves to offer protection. The dog is very intelligent. He is also an excellent watchdog. You can rest assured that this dog will offer maximum protection to both you and your property.

  • Activity Requirements :

Give him plenty of space to do his thing. He does not like being enclosed in a small area.

  • Trainability :

The dog is very easy to train.

  • Behavioral Traits :

The good thing about him is that he is well mannered.

Appearance & Grooming :

  • Appearance :

The dog is strongly built and large.

  • Size and Weight :

The dog stands at twenty two to twenty four inches tall and weighs fifty five to eighty eight pounds

  • Coat & Color :

He has a very thick coat.

  • Grooming :

The dog has a thick coat. His grooming is relatively low. Occasional brushing can come in handy to this breed. The good thing is that he does not need strict regiment when it comes to grooming.

  • Body Type :

This is a sturdy dog with a well-proportioned and bony body. He body is full of thick coat.

Characteristics :

  • He is excellent with kids
  • The dog is friendly with cats
  • This dog is friendly to other dogs
  • Sar is easy to train
  • He is minimal in shedding
  • The dog is an excellent watchdog
  • He is highly intelligent
  • The dog is easy to groom
  • Sar is very popular
  • The dog adapts very easily to new environments
  • It is YES when it comes to Hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits :

Sar brings with him huge food appetites. Therefore, it is highly important that you give him food any time he is in need. This keeps him from being starved.

Care :

In taking care of this breed, it is worth noting that he needs plenty of exercises. If he is on an open place with plenty of space, he can take care very great care of himself. Nonetheless, if the space is limited and he does not normally get much time and space to run or walk, it is highly advisable that you be taking him for runs and walks.

The other thing is that he should be introduced to social circles early enough as he grows up. This will go miles in ensuring that he is free with those around him as well as other animals too. Early socialization also goes miles in ensuring that he grows up to be an all round dog.

Feeding :

When it comes to feed Sar, it is very important that you feed strictly high quality food. This ensures that the dog is full of strength and excellent health for his day-to-day activities. Anything short of quality dog feed should be avoided at all cost. The other important aspect to note has to do with how many time to give him food. Rather than giving the dog too much food all at once, it is advisable that you give your dog small meals spread into a number of times every day. This will be magical in ensuring the dog does not grow to be obese.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Sarplaninac :

Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac

Sarplaninac Information :

  1. Sarplaninac is the dog’s full name
  2. Other names are Sarko, Sar, Planinac, IIIyrian Sheepdog, Dog-Sarplaninac, and Yugoslav Shepherd
  3. Macedonia/Serbia is the country of origin
  4. The Size Type is Medium dog breeds
  5. The Breed Group is Livestock guardian dogs (UKC)
  6. The dog has a lifespan of between eleven to thirteen years
  7. He is devoted, reliable, energetic, lively, proud and independent
  8. The male stands at fifty six to sixty two centimeters tall
  9. The female stands at fifty four to sixty centimeters tall
  10. The male weighs approximately thirty five to forty five kilograms
  11. The female weighs approximately thirty to forty kilograms
  12. He comes in colors such as grey, sable, black, tan and white