Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italian is small and quite attractive due to its white color. Most breeders prefer him to other dogs because they are very clean and hygienic. Originally, he was called American Spitz but currently it is known as the Eski.

They resemble small balls made of pure cotton. He has three distinct sizes the small, miniature and the standard. Because of the color of most his coat it requires regular brushing to make it clean. The dog does shed all year round.


History & Health

  • History

He is known to have descended from several European countries. During the 19th century, this dog was common in American country. Some historians believed that the German and immigrants brought them.

Generally, the dog is called American Spitz. Without no apparent reason the dog was again renamed as American Eskimo in 1927. The reason the public loves him, is his spackling white coat.

  • Health

The normal life of this dog spans between 12 to 15 years. Although they are not prone to many diseases, just like other dogs they fall sick once in awhile. Therefore, it is very important to understand the diseases they regularly suffer from.

The most common diseases are cataracts, legg perthes, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia and many more. Skin diseases are also common in these breed due to their skin color.

Temperament & Personality

  • Personality

Volpino is always happy and attractive. He loves to run, play, learn, and solve problems. He just loves fun in general. Since they love playing in the snow, they can be a perfect companion when you go for skiing. They are very keen hence, they can be used to take care of homes. These dogs are fun to be with and they love the children very much hence they are good for first time dog owners.

  • Activity Requirements

Since the dog is active, he requires a lot of time to exercise and to play. Additionally, they are problem solvers so if they do not find enough activity they can be very destructive. They must be kept busy always.

They are recommended to be kept in homes with fenced compounds with much room to run about. If you keep the dog in an apartment, he will become bored and stressed hence the best families to keep them are the ones staying in a compound.

  • Trainability

Volpino Italiano is easily trainable. Because they are very active, they can easily learn new tricks. Too much time should not be given to them because if they sense they can control you they will easily take advantage of it.

The negative aspect of their intelligence is that they can be manipulative and very hard to control later. In the process of training him, you need a lot of positive reinforcement and you will definitely succeed. They should not be trained as watchdogs since they inherit the trait but unlike other breeds, they do not show any aggressiveness in their character.

  • Behavioral Traits

He tends to bark a lot especially when left alone. To some neighbors are not comfortable with noise, the barking can annoy them and they will not cope up with high-peached dogs produced by these breeds of dogs. The training can help them to stop barking at command but the desire to start barking cannot be removed out them. Because they love company, separation can really affect them.

Appearance and grooming

  • Appearance

These dogs come in three sizes the small, miniature and the standard. All the three perfectly resemble each other having wedge shaped heads and triangular shape ear. They have brown eyes and white eyelashes besides. Additionally, they have snow-white toenails.

  • Size & Weight

Averagely, the dog is 9 to 12 inches in size, miniature is 10 to 12 inches, and the standard breed is 2 to 15 inches with most weighing 20 to 30 pounds. Looking at this dog, you will realize that he is a very small.

  • Coat & Color

Some breeds are white while others are white with biscuit brow. Their undercoat is dense and the overcoats very fluffy giving the dog a very fluffy look. Since the hair is straight, it does not curl or tangle easily, this makes grooming to be very easy.

  • Grooming

Because of their coat color, they require to be cleaned regularly. Because of too much shedding brushing is required regularly to shed extra useless far left around after shedding. Do not bathe it too many time in one year, they only require some bathing only a few times in year. If you bathe them regularly, natural oils from their body will be stripped off.

  • Body Types

The body is small and squarely built with deep chest. The top tends to be a little bit straight and only becomes convex at the loins.

Volpino Italiano Characteristics

  • The dog is very friendly to kids
  • They are very intelligent and keen
  • He is not dog friendly
  • He is cat friendly
  • He can easily be trained
  • He sheds the fur throughout the years
  • He is very good as watchdog
  • He is a very intelligent dog
  • He has good grooming
  • The dog is not an apartment friendly, he likes compounded homes with enough space to play
  • He can adopt easily
  • He is hypoallergenic

Tasty Tidbits

Since the dogs are intelligence, they can be manipulative.


He is a very active hence regular exercise will definitely suffice. They should be allowed to play. Moreover, they should not be left unattended to for a long time since they can be stressed.


These breed requires ca well balanced diet. ¼ to ½ of good quality dog food will make them healthy. Do not overfeed them or else they will become obese.

Images, Pics, Photos and Pictures of Volpino Italiano

Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano Volpino Italiano

Information and Facts of Volpino Italiano

  1. This breed is known as Volpino Italiano
  2. Other names are Florentine Spitz and Italian Spitz
  3. He came from Italy
  4. He is a small dog breed
  5. Life span ranges from 10 years to 13 years
  6. His temperament is gay,playful,lively, watchful and very active
  7. Female is 25 to 28 centimeters and male is 27 to 30 centimeters
  8. The weight of a female is 4.1 to 4.5 kilograms on the contrary the male that is 4.5 to 5.0 kilograms
  9. Colors can be white, fawn, black, champagne and honey
  10. They have sleeping duration of 11 to 14 hours daily
  11. They are northern breed(UKC)
  12. Exact puppy price not known, it can range from being expensive to being affordable.